Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Word of the Day:Joy March 16, 2010

I woke up late this morning, berated myself, stumbled around and then sat in meditation and thought of natural disasters; the upcoming 9.5 earthquake that will affect Humboldt County, we just don’t know when. Spent 10 minutes probably ruminating on this; what I would do, how to protect myself, talked to my guides, talked to Gaia. Got all sorts of information that I didn’t believe because I was so not in Well Being. OMG And I was down on myself because I was down on my self and the vicious circle of circling in my kitchen and nothing gets done and then...
Looking out my kitchen window, I see my next rhododendron in bloom. The one with red blossoms is done and now the pink one with a deep rose center is blooming and I am OOHH how lucky I am to have this beauty right outside my window . These great rhododendron trees will survive and suddenly I am in joy, in gratitude. It’s like I finally wake up and can start my day. Choose joy Choose Well being Divert my thoughts. But sometimes the mind is so strong I don’t even remember to think like this. It’s like some other creature has taken over my brain.
Negativity is such an old, old habit. I was listening to New Dimensions the other night on the radio and a doctor scientist was saying that he thought we had evolved as negative beings because the ones that worried, that were always looking for the wolves, the other guy, hoarding their food, were the ones who survived while the happy passive types were eaten. May be true but not needed any more!!!!

So what does the tarot have to say about all this. What is my message from the universe today? And why do I forget to go to my cards when I feel this dark cloud overcoming me!!!
Hierophant : Stay contained within the stream emanating from the universal light beings Think vertical instead of in a linear fashion. Think what is rather than what will be. What will be does not exist in light. You are light. Be in you . Use this discipline of light to keep you from leaking into the dark places of what might be. The dark is always available and this is what sends you to the light. So all is good.
Thank you Thank you Thank you

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