Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sources of Love January 19, 2010

Here is a simple yet profound reading using the energy of the four suits from my friend and mentor, Carrie Paris. I have adapted it for a reading on relationship using the The Lover’s Path Tarot. Since each suit’s energy is focused to overflowing in each Ace, I call this the Source Energy Spread

Ace of Coins/Pentacles - Love as fertilizer

Your life force is requesting partnership for a more complete realization. How will you best materialize this request and give it form?
Strength - This card appeared in my last reading as a way to connect with myself. First, connect with my own masculine, darker instinctual self. How appropriate that it should appear again. Through my own strengthening I can manifest not only partnership with myself but with another.

Ace of Arrows/Swords - Love as truth serum

How might your thoughts be stimulated for a positive vision of relationship if you removed the mind of the critic and came from a place of curiosity?
Temptation or The Devil Relationship as fun? What a concept! Or, beware of obsession, control. This card says to me that I am not ready to just play around, or even play. I agree. I need to continue to have fun with myself. I do know myself well enough to realize that I need more time.

Ace of Cups - Love as transformative

When coming into contact with the “other” how can you reflect your feelings, accurately and with integrity?
Queen of Cups Just do it. Just be honest about your feelings and be comfortable, no excuses, or apologies. This is very difficult for me in relationship with men or women.
Ace of Staves/Wands - Love as inspiration which brings action

What initiative can you take that will feed the flames of your creative fire and bring forth your vision of a liberated relationship?
Awakening/The Sun - Know that I can have the most amazing ecstatic and liberated love!!!! Know that I have cleared and worked and suffered enough, that I can live in freedom with another. That this is possible for me in this lifetime. It is there for me.
Quick and deep and very informative. Thank you, Catarina, for the inspiration.

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