Friday, December 2, 2011

Message for the new moon of November,

as we descend into the 2011 Winter Solstice

“The timing of the new moon is correct for these messages for this is the time of beginning and you are beginning in every moment. We would speak to you of this timing, of this Time. What is time but a construct of your efforts to control your separation, your fear of the loss of what you once had? Your connection with Source, connection with each other? Time gives a false sense of security as though you are on track, as though you really have it together. You do not have it together. It is falling apart. And what is It? What is this false self that you would hold onto, hold as a dear one? It is nothing but a construct. A construct to hold you together. What are you holding together? Your light, your magnificence that longs to stream out of the portals of the body, from your eyes, your heart, the very pores of your skin. Imagine yourself with light pouring out of you connecting with those next to you with light pouring out of them. Is Time then important? Are the constructs of your life, your job, your daily exercises of living, are they then so important? What is the fear that arises when you imagine this largess of Self? What might it show you? What illusion might it destroy? What is your resistance to this loss of “control,” to this idea that you are part of something much bigger than your small self? We would ask you to consider these questions, to practice in meditation this idea of yourself as a great being of light.

Do not fear the glory of your true Self, for this aspect of you has no fear. Do not resist this greatness. Resistance keeps so much from so many. You are here to spread your light to the planet, to lift the planet and everything and everyone upon it to new heights. Release the struggle. Relax into it the experience of loss when there is so much more to be gained. Is it not the problem that the gain is an unknown? That this requires so much Trust? Have you trusted and, in your thinking, been betrayed? But what if that betrayal was part of an opening? What is this seeming failure was an opening to something far greater, a something with much more resonance to who you truly are? Continue to trust, to let go, to sink into your loving hearts.

It has been called to our attention that we used the title The Team with our last message. We have no titles. We are the light of mind only. No bodies. You can call us anything you like. You can call us Love. You can call us You

We close with Love from the Universal heart.”

This message seemed very appropriate as we are moving into the darkness of the Solstice on December 22

A Reading for the coming month using the Thoth deck

A card for the Tribe at this Time

Nine of Swords and Two of Pentacles

A great pairing. We are deep in the pain and suffering of the mind (9 of Swords) which comes from our fear of change (2 of Pentacles), but then it is the Change itself that is the antidote to this pain.

A card for the construct holding us from our light ( besides our need to control through pain? Ace of Wands

This is a card of the Divine Will which asks us to change, which asks us to become our powerful Selves so that we may bring heaven to earth. This is a greater Will than our small egoic will and we resist this greater imperative for fear of the great change it will bring to our tidy lives..

A card for what lies ahead, beyond Time, beyond the constructs? Queen of Cups

Our FEELINGS! Augh! Great depth of feeling where there is no knowing the why, only that we feel we are drowning in feelings. The trick here is to realize you can breathe underwate,. that there is a clear knowing that can be born of seemingly muddled feeling.

How to surrender to the darkness of the coming Solstice? How to Trust?

Six of Pentacles

By being wholly committed to our physical existence, trusting that we are on track and that all is well, all is as it should be. We are here in human form, this is an amazing opportunity. Surrender to your Gratitude!

What needs to be released into the darkness, so that we may surrender to the goodness of what we have here in the physical? Knight of Swords

Our knowing for sure has to be surrendered. We are in a time of not knowing, of unsureness, of all possibility, of co-creation with something we cannot see. So we must release our preconceptions of how it will be or how it must be.

What nurturance can we all give each other to grow larger into our light?

Queen of Swords

We need transparency, total truth and honesty. We need to meet each other without our masks and cut through to the core of our meeting. It is not helpful anymore to be “nice” or pretend. It’s time to challenge each other to be the best of our selves.

Advice from the Universe for the coming month? Ace of Swords

Stay aligned with the truth of Source. Stay aligned at all cost. Do not let yourselves be way laid by emotions, caustic thoughts or regrets. Stay the course. Trust in that which you know to be the Truth. Meditate on a regular basis.

This reading starts with the pain of the ego mind (9 of Swords) and ends with connection with Universal mind (Ace of Swords). How do we get there? By accepting the ongoing change (2 of pentacles), aligning with Divine Will (Ace of Wands) and literally feeling our way through it all. There is no more knowing in the conventional sense.

Enjoy this season of gratitude and depth of feeling. Be open with your hearts, surrender to love and let the old fall away into the expansive unknown.

As always I welcome comments and questions.

Love from Carolyn

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tribal Message and Reading for the New Moon of October, 20ll

“We are here. We would ask you to be Here with us. This is the only way you can begin to transverse the coming light changes. The influx of energy, life, Earth changing vibration that will shake you to your core. This is not a negative vibration. It is as a glass of spring water where the aspects of earth have fallen to the bottom of the glass and you must shake the glass in order for the Earth sediment to rise up and combine with the clear essence. We hope this metaphor will work for you. The combining of Matter and Spirit is the Great Work that you are doing here on Earth at this time. Instead of ascending, away from matter, you are bringing the light of spirit into matter just by your existence. You are a receptacle. A conduit. This is what you came here to do. You do not have to understand. This is beyond human comprehension. Only live your life on a larger scale. Open. Open until you feel stretched to the fullest and then open more and find the ease of alignment with light. Swim in the moment , in presence Spend time in this place practice swimming in pure being. You call it meditation. We call it Being who you are. We appreciate all you are doing. We appreciate all that you strive for. We ask for less Striving and more just Being. You are We and so you are asking this of Yourself. Listen

We are as always, your servants in light"

Tarot Reading for the Tribe for the next 30 days.

This includes the portal opening of 11.11.11. Some say this is the shift to Age of Aquarius. Some say the Mayan calendar ends on Friday. Whatever the label, this is an intense time, a time of great opportunity.

A card for the spring water of our essence Two of Wands

This card, in the Thoth deck, is a card of pure force and fire, of pure beingness. It is force with no agenda or focus. It can be overwhelming and needs a container to be able to create. We are the container for this is fiery Divine spirit

A card for the earthly sediment of our humanness Queen of Pentacles

The perfect container for the fire of the Two of Wands, this very grounded, earthy Queen contains the fire as a slow burning intense life force with which she nurtures herself and so the Earth. This is about loving ourselves and so the Earth, for we are of the Earth.

A card for the action of shaking to combine the two. Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords, in the Thoth deck, can no longer hide behind her persona and has taken off her mask. She says it how it is. No more white lies, no more skirting around the issue. The action needed is to be completely authentic, clear, honest, vulnerable and always aligned with Divine Will. This is a wonderful symbol of what is sweeping the country with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

What will be swept away, released, surrendered as we come into our Being?

Death Universe or World Ten of Wands

We must release our fear of Death, for we are already dying into a new humanity, the Universe card. We are releasing our sense of separateness into the whole and this is fearsome to many who feel that they will be swallowed by the whole. Americans, especially, are fiercely independent and don’t want to think of themselves as dependent or part of something greater. We must release the structures that have held down our fire (10 of Wands) and allow the shifting of the energies of Nature and Humankind. The old Aeon is dying into a New World never seen before. We are creating this together and can only have control when we give over to the Cosmic Will and begin to work as One.

How to Be instead of striving? The Hanged Man and the Ace of Cups

So perfect. The Hanged Man hangs himself upside down on purpose in order to be still enough to allow his transformation, to allow the Death of the ego. This is a card of allowing and surrendering to what you came here to do, part of which is to open up to the Love pouring in from the Universe (Ace of Cups) This influx of Divine Love is here to transform humanity. Meditate. Allow. Sit in Gratitude for Being here, upside down, out of control. Envision what you desire for yourself and the world

Advice from the Universe for next 30 days when we open the Portal to the New Age on 11.11.11 Ace of Pentacles

I love it. Aces are beginnings, raw energy straight from the cosmos. The Ace of Pentacles is about the vision, the idea of the New Earth that is being dictated to us through Light. With Aces all you can do is open to the energy. It is big. It is unfocused energy that WE are here to focus. We can create whatever WE want.

This month meditation and reflective stillness are a must. Do not ask why or what, just open, release and surrender to your circumstances. Be a Queen, that is, confident in your greatness, in your ability to withstand whatever comes, confident of a positive outcome. On November 11, spend time in meditation envisioning what you want for yourself and the world.

As always I encourage you to do this reading for yourself personally and I welcome questions and comments.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I asked for a message for my Tribe for the New Moon of September/October
"We would speak to you of your words, words like: shouldn't, couldn't, won't, and can't. These words are the key to opening the door to an inner vision of what is truly real, what exists beyond what you are experiencing. The idea that: "This won't work." "This can't happen." "This couldn't be true" is a resistance to what Is. Sitting with what truly Is, is the first and most important step in the process of evolving your language to a positive vibration, so that you may attract a better world for yourself and others. This is why we suggest meditation as a practice for sitting with yourself accepting whereever you are, accepting your circumstances. We are sure you know that nothing can truly move on or change until there is acceptance. This is where your idea of forgiveness comes from. It is a forgiving of the circumstances that will enable you to swim upwards to a more expansive view of the situation, helping you to find answers to your questions. You have limited yourselves with your resistance to what is by holding on to hate, the past, what was and even by holding on to what you think is true, thinking that the reality you are experiencing is all there is. Very limiting. You are leaving out so much that could be utilized for you and other's happiness and peace of mind. We ask that you spend a few minutes each day just Being, practice accepting all your circumstances and then watch the miracle of acceptance transform with the freeing up of your vision of what is possible. When one is saying, can't, won't, shouldn't, one is literally blind, at a dead end. This is the perception of your three dimensional world, all these endings, the idea that there is nothing more. Oh, my dears, there is so much more. Practice opening to More without knowing what that More is. You do not have to Know anything. Just open up to Possibility.
We leave you with Love, the key to this opening."

From Carolyn: This message is so much the message of the The Star card in the tarot. In this card a naked woman kneels on the earth as she channels source energy. Her vulnerability is the resullt of the Tower card, a card of destruction,so the Star card is about the place we come to when we feel we have lost everything. But, by losing everything we gain ourselves, for we are now free to connect our larger, Universal Self. So the card's key words are Faith, which brings Hope, which allows us to Accept, which open us up to gifts we had not been able to imagine before.

Reading for the Tribe at the New Moon of September/October 2011

1. As we head into Fall, into darkness again, what will warm us in the colder days to come? What positive energy is arriving? Three cards

Queen of Cups /eight of Wands / Three of Swords
Circumstances will force us within to Feel on a deep level, thinking from our Hearts which will connect us, literally change our brain waves(Eight of Wands) forcing us to look at our deeper psyche(Three of Swords) and clear, clear, clear the pain and struggle in our hearts. A great gift which will make more room for light and expansion.

2. How, when our world seems to be getting darker on all fronts, how to stay connected to the light and love available to us so that we can be a bright Star to ourselves and to those who are feeling afraid and lost? Three cards

The Devil / Five of Swords /Nine of Swords
We need to share our own difficulties with others, our pain, our struggles, but not through telling our stories of pain and struggle over and over again. The need is to witness ourselves, observe the ego voices in our heads, to listen to the old messages (Five of Swords), look at the shouldn'ts, the cant's, the won'ts, to see how we are limiting ourselves (The Devil) with our attachment to our stories of suffering, of doing it right, following orders, disallowing, not accepting, and self-cruelty (Nine of Swords). This self-flagellation is not helpful but only keeps us safe from our growing pains. Get it all out in the open. Be vulnerable. Stop hiding behind the pain.

3. What will challenge us as we continue to open? What might limit our opening?

Ten of Pentacles / Two of Cups / Three of Wands / The Universe
Our continuing need for material security(Ten of Pentacles) is wearing us down and we need to be traveling light for the journey ahead. Our focus needs to shift from the material to loving relationships, practicing a pure heart space(Two of cups) so that we can begin to imagine and bring in the divine plan(Three of Wands) of becoming our complete Selves(The Universe). The complete Self is our divine self living in our human body creating heaven on earth. (-:

4. Advice for us in the coming days?

Six of Swords
This is a very different sword card from the fives, threes and nines of the reading. In the Six of Swords, the mind is being used for its original purpose as an instrument of Divine mind, using our minds to create and solve and bring in higher wisdom. So the Universe is asking you to center yourselves in your hearts, think and speak from your hearts and listen to your Divine Self.

This reading is about becoming more authentic by first allowing ourselves to be where we are without pushing or beating ourselves up, then to listen to the messages we are receiving from the ego and begin to separate and listen to our higher Self so that we can begin to relax and be the beings of light and love what we truly are.

Try this reading out for just yourself.

I welcome comments, questions, as always

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conversations with Tiphareth

We would speak to you of this killing of the Georgia inmate.

This is but a sign of the end. There is hope here for many more of you came to the realization that this is barbaric, no matter if he was innocent or not, that this type of retribution is of the past, not in you future He was a sacrifice to raise awareness Your sadness is appropriate but anger is not. There is a purpose in all this seemingly senselessness. It is a culmination of thousands of years of darkness, of unconscious behavior, reaction, coming from a place of survival. This man’s body is with the world no longer but he is still with you. He is still part of the whole and his death will reverberate, as more evidence emerges of his innocence. “Everyone is responsible for this and no one is to blame. “ This is a quote you read some time ago. Very appropriate for this moment.

For all those who read this and many other messages pertaining to this subject, be at peace. All is well and is proceeding in a timely manner. He has not died in vain. Open your hearts. Speak kindly to one another. Break the pattern of the killing, of the vengeance. Love one another.

With kindest regards. We leave you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Conversations with Tiphareth Queen of Wands

September 16, 2011

We would speak to you.


We would say to you that all is well in the heart of Mankind. That fear or worry is not needed as long as you are living in your heart. This is an idea that can be difficult for humans to understand. This other dimension of the heart within this seeming reality of the material. When you live from the heart you see the whole world differently, your world view shifts radically. You are in the same world but it is not what it was. It feels lighter so you respond from a lighter space. When something happens or someone says something that is cruel or that might seem to be critical or it seems that disaster is striking , you will not see it as such. You will experience it but you will not be in fear but instead in wonder, in curiosity, in a place of acceptance of the present , already walking towards the future with an open mind as to what will occur. This enables the universal energy to create freely and abundantly, for you are your own creators, Some may call this seeing with rose colored glasses and why not? You have a choice as to how you see your world Would you not want to see it in its best light? Imagine if you saw all with such light? The light of the heart, of Love How might you shift your world, or even just your relationships? We thank you for listening, for staying open even in your disbelief.

I thank you also. I need these constant reminders.

I drew a Tarot card asking for a card that would hold the energy of this message. and I got the Queen of Wands. The wands are pure inspirational energy, life chi, Divine outpouring, and so the Queen of Wands is very aware of how she can shape her world. She has enormous confidence and creative ability She is aligned with her Divine Self and so has direct access the cosmic, atomic what ever you want to call It, Source energy to create what she wills.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Conversations with Tiphareth

September15, 2011

Hello are you there?


I am afraid when I have a meditation that sends out dark energy rather than light. Why did this happen?

Because of your own darkness matching that which exists in the world. Do not be afraid. Instead think of it as a magnet to release all that is held within you so that you may be filled with light.

So the darkness I felt I was receiving was from myself?


I am not empty of it am I?


How to empty myself?

This is a a process my child and we would say there is more honesty in this meditation today than in some where all is pink and white light. All energies are struggling now , the light the dark are so in polarity having not merged to oneness, your own energy is struggling with this. You may only feel it subtly as dips in your mood or dark egoic thoughts but it is within.

What can I do?

Bathe in the light we would send you now. Ask for a cleansing of benevolent light to bathe, to shower you right now….The more you open the more you will be aware of these sharp differences of energies available to you. You will become stronger and more sensitive Do not be afraid of yourself, my dear Remember when these dark energies were with you much of time and you were not even aware that you could change the energy or ask for help. This is a shift in your awareness.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I was afraid. I do not want to get caught up in the negativity available I do not want to attract the dark though I am aware that it is part of the oneness.

Yes So if you can transform it by meeting it

You mean absorbing it?

In a way, yes Fear just intensifies and separates it It’s as though you allow it to pass through you by meeting it with light and love. Don’t forget the potency of Love.

Yes. I forgot about that. I feel a bit sheepish.

(Smiles all around)

Thank you. I feel much better.

You are loved and most welcome We ask you to call upon us more often

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Conversations with Tiphereth

Hello? I would speak with you, my friends

Yes, we are here.

So many are literally asking Who am I? What should I tell them?

You can tell them that they are of God and if they have trouble with that explain that all are of God stuff, the rocks, trees, that humans are no better, no worse, just gifted with the talent to express this energy on a large scale. To manifest a world for God’s energy to play and explore. Tell them it is their purpose to play, explore and spread joy throughout the world.

So how do we accomplish anything when our focus is on Joy?

Joy comes from an open heart, from expression of love for life and all that life encompasses. Love is the Godstuff that creates in the world

How can that be? Wars? Hate?

Love is the material to work with but what you do with it is up to you. If you want to create a world of have and have not, you can Love knows no right or wrong Love just is Love, another word for the Creator and you are, as they say, the created of the creator. Sounds convoluted?

Yes I get it Though I don’t know that those I speak with will get it.

Another way of saying this. You understand that the Universe is amoral, that it is not in polarity, no right or wrong?


So who creates right and wrong?

We do


But wasn’t Hitler wrong?

To you he seems very wrong. To us was just a turn in the road which led to a shift in human consciousness. There had been many Hitlers before that. But no one had said Stop this! It wasn’t big enough. Finally when millions of people are killed the world takes notice. It seems that humans must have their lessons on a very large scale.

Yes it seems that way. We have to suffer before we can come to joy.

Unfortunately it seems that way and we are saying, why not move beyond the suffering and just access the light and love available to you right now?

Yes Why not? I am sure we will talk of this again.

Yes We are here in love for all of you.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Conversations with Tiphereth

We are here.


We would speak to you of the happenings on the East Coast

They are a warning of what is to come

Is this about Fear?


What fear can create?

Yes Fear is the dangerous wind that blossoms in the minds of mankind. Fear approaches one and asks to be let in and if you open to fear you create a hurricane force wind The wind itself is not the problem; it is the reception of this force that creates a larger sphere of force. It is important that you be aware of your fear and how it contributes far beyond your daily lives to the weather itself.

So the earthquake and the storm were connected

Of course.

I have a feeling that I am mixing my own opinion with yours.

Of course.

How can I separate what I think is true from what I am getting from you for a pure channel?

We do not know for you are of us and this is about the trust of your own wisdom, trust about receiving your greater being. This is an exercise to build this trust, is it not?


Thank you

Yes we are one in love,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Messages from Tipareth

Messages from Tipareth August 22, 2011

Why are you in such a hurry? I am here sending you light enveloping you in love and you are rushing off to dig in the dirt, to be in Earth energy.

Yes. I like the Earth energy I like this density. This light, this ephemeral situation is all good, but I love my physical existence.

Yes we understand this and we ask you to spend more time with us so that you can mix more of our light, your light on earth

Yes this makes sense. I am resistive

What is this about?

I think that this is not fun

What is fun?

Fun is joy

And you think you cannot find joy in light?

No I understand that joy is light

Yes so where are we going with this?

That your message is that to have more fun, more joy I need to be checking in more.


That my joy comes directly from the beyond this physical

No not completely. There is light in your reality. It just needs more light and the more you are willing to be an emissary of light the more joy available to everyone.

Yes so I have to think of my meditations as a service to all which includes me.


That all my doing includes checking in.


I get it. I just need your help. I need reminders.

And your reminders are always with you aren’t they? You know this.

Yes in every leaf, person, breath. I understand this. I understand that just by being completely in the moment I am also in meditation, that I am present to light. Thank you for speaking with me.

We are always speaking with you. We love it when you listen (Smile)

(Love Heart to Heart Pink glow)

Thank you.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Conversations with Tiphereth

August 13 2011

Hello. We greet you. We would say to you that you are taking another step into the realm of spirit by committing to this communication. You have resistance but you do it anyway. This is good, for sometimes we must push through the cloud of illusion to seek our truth.

Is it all an illusion? This earth, my life?

Yes No For you it is real. For us it is as a mirage, a holograph of existence, a film that delights and teaches.

You mean from a higher level that is what my life would look like?

Yes, but we would ask you to not worry about the illusion or the realness of it all. This is where you are. This is what you have chosen. Revel in it. The body is a marvelous thing, magical in its capacities. All we ask is that you revel also in the realm of spirit, the other of who you are, so that spending an hour or two a day your other reality is not so difficult since it is a much of who you are as the physical. Does this make sense?

Yes I have been working on this and now I have to claim what I think is the true reality by actually spending time there.


Thank you

We are blessed to communicate with you.

And so I share in these blessings.

Our love is always with you and to all who read this, for you are all one in the heart of God.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Conversations with Tiphereth

Conversation with Tiphareth

This is a practice I began a few months ago to connect with my Higher Self, that part of me with the wisdom and answers to my questions. Tiphareth is a sephira, a God emanation, in the center of the Qablistic Tree of Life where our higher being sits. On the Tree this is the highest point of our human consciousness and it is this aspect of myself that I want to awaken. I sporadically sit in front of my laptap and after meditation allow a conversation to emerge. My hope is that by trusting these voices in my head, I can begin bring forth a higher level of knowing for myself and others. By posting these conversations, I am forcing the issue for myself. I have no idea where these voices come from but I know that this is part of my own schooling about moving beyond my ego self into an aspect of myself that I can truly trust. I will post these regularly. Please contact me with any questions

Is it time?

Yes. We are here.

I am so glad.

We welcome this opportunity to speak to you on a regular basis.


We would ask you to continue in this manner until you have the ability to speak what we say.

That seems a long ways away.

Practice, as you know, can take you to places you did not know you could go.


We would ask you begin to take this a bit more seriously. We have asked you to do this every day.


What keeps you from an every day practice of speaking with us?

My sense of time. That there is not enough time, that with my meditation and talking to you, I will “waste” time.

Yes. A choice as to whether this is a waste of time.

Yes or I might have to get up earlier.(-:

As you know if you want , if you have the desire, you can accomplish anything, You can even bend time.

Yes. I am resistant.

Good. Clarity is important.

Yes be careful of what you ask for. I have asked for connection and then I don’t trust what I am getting and I am resisting the process or not trusting. Thinking this is all something I am making up.

More like resistance

Yes You are right.

This is enough for today.

Thank you for your encouragement for your loving kick in the butt.

Yes. We are your loving friends, the masters

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tribal Message and Reading for August

"We would speak of the feeling of disaster that pervades the world, this sense of doom that pervades many people’s thoughts, the idea that you have no control over what’s happening. That somehow this is happening outside of yourself. We would remind you that you have created this, that it all comes from your thoughts. That all inventors, all creative people imagined before creating, that nothing just appears. All that exists has been manifested, therefore your world was thought into being by you and the generations before you and it is culminating in seeming destruction because many believe that is what is happening.
What if you believed that instead of destruction creation is the norm. That what seems to be falling away is actually a lifting up? That the intense energies coming to your planet are not here to blot you out but to bring you to heights of joyful, creative accomplishments? What if you were the architect of your future? What would you then do? How would you live your life? In sorrow? And regret? Or in joy and anticipation of the coming of a wonderful new future of possibilities unthought of before because you are imagining that which until now has been unimaginable?
Think of your computerized world, unimagined until just recently. Think of gay marriage unimagined until recently? Who imagined this?
You did. Congratulations. You are on your way. Do not take a detour into depression or hopelessness but instead forge ahead with an open heart of light.
We congratulate you on your progress so far. Call upon forces for help. We are here for you."
The masters
Tarot Reading for the Days Ahead
When I do a reading for you, I create the questions first and then draw all the cards, putting them face down before turning them over to read the answers. This way I am not affected by the preceding cards but can choose cards relying on guidance not ego.
Asking: What to keep in mind? What to imagine? King of Cups
This card is about being vulnerable but still able to master yourself and your surroundings .It’s about feeling deeply, powering through your heart. This is the power of a wholehearted ness.
Asking: How to open to this possibility? Three of Cups
This is a card of celebration of community. It’s about joining together with others in small groups in love and connection. So the idea would be if you open your heart you will not be alone, to start by opening up to just a few closet around you in close contact and focus on experiencing fun and joy with them. This makes sense. If we create lots of small creative loving connection eventually this will affect the larger community.
Asking: What forces could hamper our imagining? Five of Swords.
This card is about the mind and how we defeat ourselves and talk ourselves out of being in our hearts, being open and vulnerable. How we defeat joy. With our fears of what ifs and why we can’t and they are wrong and I am right and on and on.
Asking: What forces would help? The Fool
This is a card of true wholeheartedness, of leaping into the unknown, the untrod with great joy with no expectations only the idea of a benevolent universe. Because there is no expectation, there is no fear of failure, so all is good. We are all Fools deep down inside. We all want to love, we just let Fear and the expectation of pain keep us from leaping.
Asking: What can you as an individual do for the tribe? The Tower.
This is a card about tearing down the walls of fear and ego that separate us from each other. So you are being asked to be authentic, to be present with each other. You are asked to take the risk of moving beyond the usual, the scripted, to a place of just being. If you tear down your walls then you will be able to share with each other.
Asking: What can each of us do for ourselves? The Star
This card follows the Tower in the journey of the tarot. After the Tower all you have is yourself, your essence which is of the Cosmos itself. So instead of the limitations of a small you in the tower, you would now have access to the greater God Self. So what we can do for ourselves is to be as big as we already are, to realize our cosmic oneness, our interconnectedness with everyone.
Asking: What could be the probable outcome of us imagining together and joining forces?
Two of Cups
This is a card of love, of falling in love, with yourself, your neighbor, your spouse/partner again, your pets, children, the world… So the probable outcome is loving your existence. And if we could imagine this happening in the world, what might just happen?
WOW! What a reading. Even I, who knows how magical the tarot is, am blown away by this reading. Congratulations all! I asked that all our higher selves be with me for this reading and look at what they are telling us. To open our hearts, and see the strength and community that we can create by coming out of our towers of fear into our largess of the loving heart. We are being asked to trust the essence of who we are, Love. We are being asked to free ourselves from our prison of the fearful mind so that we may imagine a world of heartfelt connection.
I thank you all for this. You have lifted me up.