Thursday, September 15, 2011

Conversations with Tiphareth

September15, 2011

Hello are you there?


I am afraid when I have a meditation that sends out dark energy rather than light. Why did this happen?

Because of your own darkness matching that which exists in the world. Do not be afraid. Instead think of it as a magnet to release all that is held within you so that you may be filled with light.

So the darkness I felt I was receiving was from myself?


I am not empty of it am I?


How to empty myself?

This is a a process my child and we would say there is more honesty in this meditation today than in some where all is pink and white light. All energies are struggling now , the light the dark are so in polarity having not merged to oneness, your own energy is struggling with this. You may only feel it subtly as dips in your mood or dark egoic thoughts but it is within.

What can I do?

Bathe in the light we would send you now. Ask for a cleansing of benevolent light to bathe, to shower you right now….The more you open the more you will be aware of these sharp differences of energies available to you. You will become stronger and more sensitive Do not be afraid of yourself, my dear Remember when these dark energies were with you much of time and you were not even aware that you could change the energy or ask for help. This is a shift in your awareness.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I was afraid. I do not want to get caught up in the negativity available I do not want to attract the dark though I am aware that it is part of the oneness.

Yes So if you can transform it by meeting it

You mean absorbing it?

In a way, yes Fear just intensifies and separates it It’s as though you allow it to pass through you by meeting it with light and love. Don’t forget the potency of Love.

Yes. I forgot about that. I feel a bit sheepish.

(Smiles all around)

Thank you. I feel much better.

You are loved and most welcome We ask you to call upon us more often

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