Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earth's Movement

For the Tribe March 12

It is really very simple just change judgment to Love. Fear to love change from the perceived “You” to a channel for love. The planet is evolving just as we are, though Gaia is moving faster than most of us. The Earth’s movement is all about Love which is our natural state and though this shift may wreak havoc on our physical structures, the process moves us more quickly to our authentic selves, moves us to a realization that we are all connected, moves us to compassion, to an opening of our heart, to a chance to meet our neighbor , to a chance to be of service to this amazing process we are all going through together. Reach out with your hands, your thoughts, your greater being, reach deep into the Earth for stabilization while connecting to higher source, See your chest open wide and allow the glorious Self that you are to emerge.

These words that I share with you are for me, of course. These are words of my
higher being, words that enable me to continue with a glad heart when all seems
to moving towards disaster.

Thank you for receiving me.
Thank you for pulling these words from me.
Thank you.

Reading for the Tribe for March

March 7, 2011

Reading for the Tribe

When I talk of the tribe I am really talking to all of us as humanity. We are interrelated and what happens to us on the other side of the world affects us here. Time has speeded up to the point where it is folding in on itself. So your clock may look the same but there is a sense of less time. This energy implosion is pulling us closer into the NOW. This means that though you may be saddened or gladdened about what is happening on the planet that you also can have an effect in your visions, prayers, or by just holding the situation in light. For example, sending love to Gaddafi. Literally melting his heart. Or holding the vision of the highest good for all in Michigan and Ohio

Reading for March New Moon was this Friday. Good time to set intentions

Where are “we “ now? Ten Of Pentacles.

The heaviest card in the deck. The last card of physical manifestation. We are at the end of a cycle here on Earth. We have been at this end/beginning for years but the impact is truly being felt in all aspect of our lives. The Great Shift is upon us.

Between now and the next new moon how can we all help to shift the planet towards light?

Three of swords Seven of Swords Six of cups

Express our grief and then get on with letting more light in our broken open hearts.
Realize the futility of the mind. Of worry, of trying to figure it all out, trying to know the future and understand the past. Just be here now and feel the pleasure and richness of our lives. Do what gives us the most pleasure. Help someone. Beam our smiles at each other. Love without attachment.

What tends to limit these good intentions? Eight of Swords.

This card in the Thoth deck is called “Interference” and more and more I am realizing that the governmental mind and the media mind is interfering with us receiving clear information. Listening to the pundits, listening to anyone in fear or anger without also listening to your guidance on an inner level can limit your actions, your freedom to act from the gift of who you are.

Message from the cosmic Mind? Wheel of Fortune.

The wheel of cause and effect, of karma is turning. We are harvesting that which we have planted and we have planted without much thought for the future. So the Wheel gives us a choice. We can resist and yell and scream about gas prices, or be in fear about the planet, our jobs… or we can accept and respond with even more opening and see the opportunity for positive change in all aspects of our lives. Try to stay off the rim of the wheel holding or resisting in fear, but instead move to the center, the hub and sit with the vision of a New Earth.

As always I welcome questions or comments.