Friday, December 2, 2011

Message for the new moon of November,

as we descend into the 2011 Winter Solstice

“The timing of the new moon is correct for these messages for this is the time of beginning and you are beginning in every moment. We would speak to you of this timing, of this Time. What is time but a construct of your efforts to control your separation, your fear of the loss of what you once had? Your connection with Source, connection with each other? Time gives a false sense of security as though you are on track, as though you really have it together. You do not have it together. It is falling apart. And what is It? What is this false self that you would hold onto, hold as a dear one? It is nothing but a construct. A construct to hold you together. What are you holding together? Your light, your magnificence that longs to stream out of the portals of the body, from your eyes, your heart, the very pores of your skin. Imagine yourself with light pouring out of you connecting with those next to you with light pouring out of them. Is Time then important? Are the constructs of your life, your job, your daily exercises of living, are they then so important? What is the fear that arises when you imagine this largess of Self? What might it show you? What illusion might it destroy? What is your resistance to this loss of “control,” to this idea that you are part of something much bigger than your small self? We would ask you to consider these questions, to practice in meditation this idea of yourself as a great being of light.

Do not fear the glory of your true Self, for this aspect of you has no fear. Do not resist this greatness. Resistance keeps so much from so many. You are here to spread your light to the planet, to lift the planet and everything and everyone upon it to new heights. Release the struggle. Relax into it the experience of loss when there is so much more to be gained. Is it not the problem that the gain is an unknown? That this requires so much Trust? Have you trusted and, in your thinking, been betrayed? But what if that betrayal was part of an opening? What is this seeming failure was an opening to something far greater, a something with much more resonance to who you truly are? Continue to trust, to let go, to sink into your loving hearts.

It has been called to our attention that we used the title The Team with our last message. We have no titles. We are the light of mind only. No bodies. You can call us anything you like. You can call us Love. You can call us You

We close with Love from the Universal heart.”

This message seemed very appropriate as we are moving into the darkness of the Solstice on December 22

A Reading for the coming month using the Thoth deck

A card for the Tribe at this Time

Nine of Swords and Two of Pentacles

A great pairing. We are deep in the pain and suffering of the mind (9 of Swords) which comes from our fear of change (2 of Pentacles), but then it is the Change itself that is the antidote to this pain.

A card for the construct holding us from our light ( besides our need to control through pain? Ace of Wands

This is a card of the Divine Will which asks us to change, which asks us to become our powerful Selves so that we may bring heaven to earth. This is a greater Will than our small egoic will and we resist this greater imperative for fear of the great change it will bring to our tidy lives..

A card for what lies ahead, beyond Time, beyond the constructs? Queen of Cups

Our FEELINGS! Augh! Great depth of feeling where there is no knowing the why, only that we feel we are drowning in feelings. The trick here is to realize you can breathe underwate,. that there is a clear knowing that can be born of seemingly muddled feeling.

How to surrender to the darkness of the coming Solstice? How to Trust?

Six of Pentacles

By being wholly committed to our physical existence, trusting that we are on track and that all is well, all is as it should be. We are here in human form, this is an amazing opportunity. Surrender to your Gratitude!

What needs to be released into the darkness, so that we may surrender to the goodness of what we have here in the physical? Knight of Swords

Our knowing for sure has to be surrendered. We are in a time of not knowing, of unsureness, of all possibility, of co-creation with something we cannot see. So we must release our preconceptions of how it will be or how it must be.

What nurturance can we all give each other to grow larger into our light?

Queen of Swords

We need transparency, total truth and honesty. We need to meet each other without our masks and cut through to the core of our meeting. It is not helpful anymore to be “nice” or pretend. It’s time to challenge each other to be the best of our selves.

Advice from the Universe for the coming month? Ace of Swords

Stay aligned with the truth of Source. Stay aligned at all cost. Do not let yourselves be way laid by emotions, caustic thoughts or regrets. Stay the course. Trust in that which you know to be the Truth. Meditate on a regular basis.

This reading starts with the pain of the ego mind (9 of Swords) and ends with connection with Universal mind (Ace of Swords). How do we get there? By accepting the ongoing change (2 of pentacles), aligning with Divine Will (Ace of Wands) and literally feeling our way through it all. There is no more knowing in the conventional sense.

Enjoy this season of gratitude and depth of feeling. Be open with your hearts, surrender to love and let the old fall away into the expansive unknown.

As always I welcome comments and questions.

Love from Carolyn