Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News: One of my favorite aspects of my class, Tarot As an Evolutionary Path, is our graduation, which just took place this last week. After nine months together students gather to celebrate and share how their lives have shifted and what has been conceived. I am already looking forward to starting classes again in January 2013 and will have my new schedule available by the next new moon.

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Channeled New Moon Message for October 2012

“We continue with our theme of Trust and we add Truth to this topic. Trust in the Truth of the matter. That no matter how it seems to be working out, sort of, or “this is how it has always been and it works for most of us” that there is always a deeper Truth to the matter at hand. That if you can bring yourself to the Present, out of the past and future, there is a clarity about what is truly going on and this Truth is far beyond any stories your minds would tell you. We would add Patience to the process. Patience that the Truth of what must happen or what must be said will come to you if you wait in the Present. And what is available to you in terms of Truth? When you unwrap your reality, take away the “reality” that plays across your screens, how is it that you still believe that you are here but separate and not a part of the whole? What separates you? If you let all the “truths” you have been taught through endless times of experiences here on Earth fall away, what might you Know? If you let your mind open up to a greater Knowing, what would you See? Even now you know, through your sciences, that you are essentially made of energy, space and water, that you evolved right along with every other aspect of this planet. Do you understand, though, that you are each a Unique expression of this evolution and so have a specific Truth to play out? That sitting, wringing your hands, wondering what will happen is not what you came here to do? Do you understand you came here to express You in a unique fashion that would contribute to the whole and that as long as a majority of you are not expressing your Truth, the energy of your world will continue to be sluggish, will continue to be the same old, same old, repeating the lies until you choose the Truth, risk the falling away of the old structures of your security and begin to express your innate joyousness? Do you realize that this seeming fast train you are on which looks like it is veering terribly off course can right itself and soar off the old, endlessly circling track and fly into a future none could have imagined? In your meditations, let your imaginations fly and know the Truth. You may not be able to speak what you will find in terms of your language but you can know it in your Heart. We bless you and breathe the Breath of Light into your minds. We ask that you open tothis blazing Light of Truth, of who you are and why you are here. “

Tarot Reading Questions taken from the Message for the New Moon of October 
I am using the Thoth Deck.

 Cards One and Two   What keeps up from seeing the Truth clearly? Our resistance? 
 Temperance and Queen of Wands
 In the Thoth these are two very serious, powerful, confident feminine cards. This about our self righteousness. Our ego confidence that we really know what’s going on. And this sense that we know more, are better than is even more insidious because it comes from the feminine thinking that it’s better than the masculine, that the truth is about one aspect of who we are rather than the whole. There is a rigidity in our thinking, a focus that leaves out all of who we are.

Card Three    What is the Truth about what is going on with the planet right now?
 Queen of Cups 
In the Thoth the Queen is reflected back to herself in the water which represents deep knowing on a Feeling level. So the Truth of what is going on can be found in the deepest aspects of ourselves. What is happening on the planet is a reflection of what we Feel. What we think unconsciously and feel is playing out in our wars, and weather, in the greed and poverty and in all the wonder, beauty and love. We are all literally feeling and reflecting the pain and joy of the planet. I looked at the first three cards before I asked the next questions.

 Card Five   What frightens us about this process? 
 Princess of Swords 
 Well it is frightening to look at our world and a bit overwhelming when we try to figure out what to do, but even more frightening for many of us is letting go of our old belief systems.  In the Thoth deck the the Princess of Swords is tearing down the old altars, making an intellectual shift to break through to a new paradigm. There is the need for the courage of Not Knowing, a Beginners Mind. If you look at the rest of the reading there is a theme here of being stuck in what we believe is the “right” way to fix things. So….

Card Six     What is the Truth of our Fear?
Six of Cups 
That what we really fear is Love. We fear opening up and loving each other. Perhaps we fear being taken advantage of, looking silly, being a Pollyanna not being “realistic. But what really keeps us from the pleasure of giving purely from our hearts. The fear of vulnerability? That we will be hurt? But can you truly be hurt when you are coming from Love? Think about it. Draw some cards. Meditate on it. What is holding us back?

Card Seven     How can we begin the process of peeling away the old way of Seeing, so we may clearly see our own reflection in the world?
 Ten of Pentacles
The densest, most earth bound card in the Tarot. A powerful message to look beyond the material. To look beyond our need for security and safety to allow the economic changes needed. To let the old safety nets go and allow a new vision of how we can All live comfortably here on Earth. 

Now it’s your turn. Do this reading for yourself to see where you as an individual can contribute to the whole. Feel free to contact me I welcome your inquiries 
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