Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Reading to The Tribe

Greetings to the Tribe,

Felt compelled to sit and write to the tribe this morning. As you will see, the message starts out from my guidance and then morphs into me in the physical. This is as it should be since we are all multidimensional. Thank you for listening and inspiring me to journey and trust in my own guidance.

We would speak to you this morning, as Carolyn, to talk about your interconnectedness.  This is a term she is learning about on a much deeper level and as part of her learning she is reaching out to more than just her small known circle of friends to expand her consciousness, to link with others in ways that some of you may not even be conscious.  All of you are always reaching out on either consciously or unconsciously, connecting and touching others with every thought and action.  Every kind word, every judgment is a vibration in the energetic field you all play in.  Those of you with children can see this clearly.  A child is so joyously open to the vibratory universe around them especially those of their parents, teachers and friends.  Every word every look, every observance penetrates and is acted upon.  We adults are no different; we just have more armor so that others may not see how we are affected, armor so thick that many of us are not are not even aware that we have been affected and so go around with these energy disturbances, reacting to others and events unconsciously. What would happen if you allowed yourself to be aware of this interconnectedness, of how you are affected by war in the world, by the anger of your spouse, by the smile of a stranger, the kind word of a friend.  Would you all fall apart?  Would you be overwhelmed?  Perhaps. But it is only with the realization of how we are affected that we begin to see how we affect others, and so begin to change our own behavior. Then imagine if everyone became aware of their interconnectedness and changed their judgment to compassion, their grimace to a smile, their anger to love. Can you imagine the shift ?  The shift in the world itself?

Reading for the tribe for February. Using the Thoth Deck
Issue at hand    10 of Wands  Oppression. 

What is the oppression of spirit?  How does this play out in people lives? 

You may experience a feeling of too much, of being burdened, of carrying other’s energies, of an inability to see the light at the end of the tunnel,  a pressure, a weight of some unknown presence? Perhaps the knowledge of interconnectedness will seem to just be something else you need to carry?
How to move out from under this seeming oppression?  How to lay down the burden? 

9 of wands  Strength

By connecting the conscious with the unconscious you can link your outer life with your inner world.  By exposing yourself to yourself, your heart, your sorrow, instead of projecting your seeming burden on to others, you are able to begin to see that what seems to be coming from outside yourself is actually coming from within and so you have a sense of control and choices.  You now have a choice to have burdens or possibilities. All that would oppress you can be seen as the product of a very rich and productive life.

What are the opportunities of the energies of the next month? 

3 of swords Sorrow

For your heart to be pierced, to feel on a deep level and by feeling, unburdening yourself  by taking this opportunity to say what needs to be said, to make the decisions that need to be made, instead of carrying this energy for fear of disrupting the status quo. There is possibility of great healing in all relationships.
Advice from the universe
9 of Pentacles  Gain  

You have nothing to lose only to gain.  By laying down your burden, by allowing what has been pressuring you to be released, by allowing what feels like it might tear you apart to come forward, you will gain on all levels of the physical: your health and sense of abundance in the world.

As always I welcome comments or questions.

Love and Light from Carolyn