Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Conversations with Tiphereth

Hello? I would speak with you, my friends

Yes, we are here.

So many are literally asking Who am I? What should I tell them?

You can tell them that they are of God and if they have trouble with that explain that all are of God stuff, the rocks, trees, that humans are no better, no worse, just gifted with the talent to express this energy on a large scale. To manifest a world for God’s energy to play and explore. Tell them it is their purpose to play, explore and spread joy throughout the world.

So how do we accomplish anything when our focus is on Joy?

Joy comes from an open heart, from expression of love for life and all that life encompasses. Love is the Godstuff that creates in the world

How can that be? Wars? Hate?

Love is the material to work with but what you do with it is up to you. If you want to create a world of have and have not, you can Love knows no right or wrong Love just is Love, another word for the Creator and you are, as they say, the created of the creator. Sounds convoluted?

Yes I get it Though I don’t know that those I speak with will get it.

Another way of saying this. You understand that the Universe is amoral, that it is not in polarity, no right or wrong?


So who creates right and wrong?

We do


But wasn’t Hitler wrong?

To you he seems very wrong. To us was just a turn in the road which led to a shift in human consciousness. There had been many Hitlers before that. But no one had said Stop this! It wasn’t big enough. Finally when millions of people are killed the world takes notice. It seems that humans must have their lessons on a very large scale.

Yes it seems that way. We have to suffer before we can come to joy.

Unfortunately it seems that way and we are saying, why not move beyond the suffering and just access the light and love available to you right now?

Yes Why not? I am sure we will talk of this again.

Yes We are here in love for all of you.

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