Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conversations with Tiphareth

We would speak to you of this killing of the Georgia inmate.

This is but a sign of the end. There is hope here for many more of you came to the realization that this is barbaric, no matter if he was innocent or not, that this type of retribution is of the past, not in you future He was a sacrifice to raise awareness Your sadness is appropriate but anger is not. There is a purpose in all this seemingly senselessness. It is a culmination of thousands of years of darkness, of unconscious behavior, reaction, coming from a place of survival. This man’s body is with the world no longer but he is still with you. He is still part of the whole and his death will reverberate, as more evidence emerges of his innocence. “Everyone is responsible for this and no one is to blame. “ This is a quote you read some time ago. Very appropriate for this moment.

For all those who read this and many other messages pertaining to this subject, be at peace. All is well and is proceeding in a timely manner. He has not died in vain. Open your hearts. Speak kindly to one another. Break the pattern of the killing, of the vengeance. Love one another.

With kindest regards. We leave you.

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