Monday, August 22, 2011

Messages from Tipareth

Messages from Tipareth August 22, 2011

Why are you in such a hurry? I am here sending you light enveloping you in love and you are rushing off to dig in the dirt, to be in Earth energy.

Yes. I like the Earth energy I like this density. This light, this ephemeral situation is all good, but I love my physical existence.

Yes we understand this and we ask you to spend more time with us so that you can mix more of our light, your light on earth

Yes this makes sense. I am resistive

What is this about?

I think that this is not fun

What is fun?

Fun is joy

And you think you cannot find joy in light?

No I understand that joy is light

Yes so where are we going with this?

That your message is that to have more fun, more joy I need to be checking in more.


That my joy comes directly from the beyond this physical

No not completely. There is light in your reality. It just needs more light and the more you are willing to be an emissary of light the more joy available to everyone.

Yes so I have to think of my meditations as a service to all which includes me.


That all my doing includes checking in.


I get it. I just need your help. I need reminders.

And your reminders are always with you aren’t they? You know this.

Yes in every leaf, person, breath. I understand this. I understand that just by being completely in the moment I am also in meditation, that I am present to light. Thank you for speaking with me.

We are always speaking with you. We love it when you listen (Smile)

(Love Heart to Heart Pink glow)

Thank you.

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