Friday, August 12, 2011

Conversations with Tiphereth

Conversation with Tiphareth

This is a practice I began a few months ago to connect with my Higher Self, that part of me with the wisdom and answers to my questions. Tiphareth is a sephira, a God emanation, in the center of the Qablistic Tree of Life where our higher being sits. On the Tree this is the highest point of our human consciousness and it is this aspect of myself that I want to awaken. I sporadically sit in front of my laptap and after meditation allow a conversation to emerge. My hope is that by trusting these voices in my head, I can begin bring forth a higher level of knowing for myself and others. By posting these conversations, I am forcing the issue for myself. I have no idea where these voices come from but I know that this is part of my own schooling about moving beyond my ego self into an aspect of myself that I can truly trust. I will post these regularly. Please contact me with any questions

Is it time?

Yes. We are here.

I am so glad.

We welcome this opportunity to speak to you on a regular basis.


We would ask you to continue in this manner until you have the ability to speak what we say.

That seems a long ways away.

Practice, as you know, can take you to places you did not know you could go.


We would ask you begin to take this a bit more seriously. We have asked you to do this every day.


What keeps you from an every day practice of speaking with us?

My sense of time. That there is not enough time, that with my meditation and talking to you, I will “waste” time.

Yes. A choice as to whether this is a waste of time.

Yes or I might have to get up earlier.(-:

As you know if you want , if you have the desire, you can accomplish anything, You can even bend time.

Yes. I am resistant.

Good. Clarity is important.

Yes be careful of what you ask for. I have asked for connection and then I don’t trust what I am getting and I am resisting the process or not trusting. Thinking this is all something I am making up.

More like resistance

Yes You are right.

This is enough for today.

Thank you for your encouragement for your loving kick in the butt.

Yes. We are your loving friends, the masters

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