Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tribal Message and Reading for the New Moon of October, 20ll

“We are here. We would ask you to be Here with us. This is the only way you can begin to transverse the coming light changes. The influx of energy, life, Earth changing vibration that will shake you to your core. This is not a negative vibration. It is as a glass of spring water where the aspects of earth have fallen to the bottom of the glass and you must shake the glass in order for the Earth sediment to rise up and combine with the clear essence. We hope this metaphor will work for you. The combining of Matter and Spirit is the Great Work that you are doing here on Earth at this time. Instead of ascending, away from matter, you are bringing the light of spirit into matter just by your existence. You are a receptacle. A conduit. This is what you came here to do. You do not have to understand. This is beyond human comprehension. Only live your life on a larger scale. Open. Open until you feel stretched to the fullest and then open more and find the ease of alignment with light. Swim in the moment , in presence Spend time in this place practice swimming in pure being. You call it meditation. We call it Being who you are. We appreciate all you are doing. We appreciate all that you strive for. We ask for less Striving and more just Being. You are We and so you are asking this of Yourself. Listen

We are as always, your servants in light"

Tarot Reading for the Tribe for the next 30 days.

This includes the portal opening of 11.11.11. Some say this is the shift to Age of Aquarius. Some say the Mayan calendar ends on Friday. Whatever the label, this is an intense time, a time of great opportunity.

A card for the spring water of our essence Two of Wands

This card, in the Thoth deck, is a card of pure force and fire, of pure beingness. It is force with no agenda or focus. It can be overwhelming and needs a container to be able to create. We are the container for this is fiery Divine spirit

A card for the earthly sediment of our humanness Queen of Pentacles

The perfect container for the fire of the Two of Wands, this very grounded, earthy Queen contains the fire as a slow burning intense life force with which she nurtures herself and so the Earth. This is about loving ourselves and so the Earth, for we are of the Earth.

A card for the action of shaking to combine the two. Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords, in the Thoth deck, can no longer hide behind her persona and has taken off her mask. She says it how it is. No more white lies, no more skirting around the issue. The action needed is to be completely authentic, clear, honest, vulnerable and always aligned with Divine Will. This is a wonderful symbol of what is sweeping the country with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

What will be swept away, released, surrendered as we come into our Being?

Death Universe or World Ten of Wands

We must release our fear of Death, for we are already dying into a new humanity, the Universe card. We are releasing our sense of separateness into the whole and this is fearsome to many who feel that they will be swallowed by the whole. Americans, especially, are fiercely independent and don’t want to think of themselves as dependent or part of something greater. We must release the structures that have held down our fire (10 of Wands) and allow the shifting of the energies of Nature and Humankind. The old Aeon is dying into a New World never seen before. We are creating this together and can only have control when we give over to the Cosmic Will and begin to work as One.

How to Be instead of striving? The Hanged Man and the Ace of Cups

So perfect. The Hanged Man hangs himself upside down on purpose in order to be still enough to allow his transformation, to allow the Death of the ego. This is a card of allowing and surrendering to what you came here to do, part of which is to open up to the Love pouring in from the Universe (Ace of Cups) This influx of Divine Love is here to transform humanity. Meditate. Allow. Sit in Gratitude for Being here, upside down, out of control. Envision what you desire for yourself and the world

Advice from the Universe for next 30 days when we open the Portal to the New Age on 11.11.11 Ace of Pentacles

I love it. Aces are beginnings, raw energy straight from the cosmos. The Ace of Pentacles is about the vision, the idea of the New Earth that is being dictated to us through Light. With Aces all you can do is open to the energy. It is big. It is unfocused energy that WE are here to focus. We can create whatever WE want.

This month meditation and reflective stillness are a must. Do not ask why or what, just open, release and surrender to your circumstances. Be a Queen, that is, confident in your greatness, in your ability to withstand whatever comes, confident of a positive outcome. On November 11, spend time in meditation envisioning what you want for yourself and the world.

As always I encourage you to do this reading for yourself personally and I welcome questions and comments.

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