Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Gift of Blogging November 2009

After two days of reading tarot and mad writing on my “novel” I can finally blog to the universe. I was going to explore why I doing NaNoWriMo but that has become very clear as this forced writing is taking me on a journey of healing of my past and visioning my future. I am sure I will write more on that. And blogging forces also, in a positive manner my probing every day or every two or three days :-), what is up for me. A few days a go it was criticism. How to alchemically transform the acid in my stomach, the shouting in the head, the uncomfortable stance of trying to wriggle out of the truth. “They don’t know what they are saying. I am beyond them” etc and finally get down to learning something from their words, to go beyond the words. It took me three days to move through to the message and the gift. And since we are being given messages almost every second of the day through our senses and you figure at least of a quarter of these messages may not be pleasant, especially if you are like me and listen to the radio or read the newspaper or occasionally watch TV There is an onslaught of ideas and happenings coming at you and you automatically, unless you are an enlightened one who stays in the moment always, having to work through the reactions, responses in your own body and head.

Card for the Day: The gift of blogging. The Star - Oh I love the perfection of the tarot. I am quoting Ziegler whose book Mirror of the Soul, guide to the Thoth deck, is my Bible.
“Trust in the self; connection the universal intelligence; a beautiful process. Cosmic inspiration of the highest nature is received and made manifest on the material plane.”

I am amazed. This is what bogging has become for me. I am “fully open to the input from the spiritual plane, and hope to pass it on in full service to the highest good.” The gift for me is the “inspiration I receive gives wings to my soul and lets the apparently impossible become manifest in marvelous ways.”

This is blogging for me. I am expressing from my heart as close as I can get from my soul out to the universe and whether anyone reads this or not doesn’t not matter because the content is there in the vibration of the planet . The more we express ourselves, the more we all tap in and share our hearts ,the faster we all can move to the next level of peace and harmony.

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