Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heal Yourself and You Heal Everyone

NaNoWriMo has taken over most of my spare creative time, not surprising or anticipated but you really don’t know what it will be like until you jump in. I began with one version of this futuristic family, then ran out of steam, so began to write the back story and then found myself writing about my ex-husband. Writing the version of our relationship I had wished for, healing him and me through writing.

If you understand that time is not linear, that time is all here right now in this moment, you realize you can change your past by changing yourself in the present. By healing yourself you can change the vibration of the past that continues to resonate in your present. Some might say it’s all in your head but I believe your past vibrates in your soul and if you agree that your soul is the connection to all that is, then that vibration is affecting much more than just you. This is where the adage comes from: that if you want to help heal the world, heal yourself first.

So card of the day concerning this writing: Druidcraft Deck I ask for a representation of this idea. The Ace of Swords. The picture is an arm holding a sword, emerging out of a lake, the sky is stormy but there is light in the distance. A card of resurrection, of the birth of clarity out of the murky and drowning emotional state. I am creating a new version of my life, rewriting my history and so writing my future.

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