Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Allow Well Being February 26, 2010

Just a reminder. Just allow it. Lightened beings such as Jan Frazier don’t have to remind themselves to allow the light feelings to come up. She is always in Well Being because she is herself without the clothing of so much ego thought, lightened of all the heaviness of what I could have, should have, was supposed to have been. Just only what I am.
Jan says, Don’t work so hard” and for me that is the hardest task, to relax and allow the chariot to thunder on without my control, to allow the pentacles of earthly living to pass from hand to hand in a natural rhythm of life, to offer the cup of love to all, including myself, to look at my truth as a shining sword that cuts through the muddled nightmare. of my own mind and to feel the rising kundalini of the wand energy up my spine, shooting out through my fingers, down through the soles of my feel, out the top of my head in my expansive awareness of my own greatness.

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