Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Winter Solstice 2009

Ah, the solstice. My new year, new beginning time of release and light. I am doing a ritual tonight with friends to release what we have reflected on in this darkening time.
As the High Priestess I want to effect, to say something that means something but I want to say it without ego and without pushing my own philosophy.
So I have asked the cards what the people who are coming tonight need to hear.
In the ceremony I call in the elements and allow them to speak through me, hoping the participants will hear something they can relate to. But I like the idea of asking now, to imprint myself with possibilities.

Solstice Reading
I chose four cards. One for each direction.
What do we need to hear from the East, powers of air?
Nine of wands - Strength The strength to hold to your ideals, to what you know is right, to have the courage to speak out, to put fire behind our words, to fight for what is right.

What do we need to hear from the South, powers of fire?
Two cards came here The Emperor and the Princess of Cups
A wonderful combination of Fire and Heart. Balance our anger with love, balance flow with control. balance openness with our need to make it right. Yes we need to go out there and right the wrongs, but we have to lead with our hearts

What do we need to hear from the West, powers of water?
Prince of Disks -Taking our feelings and put them in action in the world. If something does not seem right then get out there and be a part of the solution.

What do we need to hear from the North, powers of earth?
The Star - A direct message of hope and faith. We need to connect the earth to her divinity by connecting ourselves to our own divinity.

A card in the middle is the fire.
The Fire What is needed to purify and cleanse us?
Queen of Wands a fiery card especially in the Thoth deck.
It’s about being completely true to ourselves. Burning away all false selves and revealing ourselves as we truly are, releasing our power into the world

The next card is for what do you need to release?
What needs to be released tonight for me personally?
Yes! 10 of swords! My despair. my negative thinking. All the thoughts that denigrate and judge
A card for the outcome of tonight 10 of pentacles - If I can release the negative what must follow? The positive. a joyful existence in matter.

Happy Solstice

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