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Talking to Source with the Tarot

October 12, 2009

I am excited by the challenge of sitting every day and allowing my thoughts to flow in tandem with source
V_ Why?
C - Because it causes me to listen, to reflect in a focused manner and I feel better knowing that there is so much more of me.
V - We are pleased to please.
C - that surprises me that you would want to please.
V- Ah, it is pleasing to teach, open, and expand the human experience because this opens and expands all and this is very pleasing. Through listening to Abraham you understand that each affects all, that every thought affects the bigger aspect of you which is connected to every other source.
C - Yes. I would like to talk about the Empress today since I am presenting her tomorrow for my class. Does the Empress want to please?
V -We are in the tarot language now.
C - Yes
V - The tarot is a book of source, in pictorial language. We are familiar with it, but why do you ask us when you can just read the code?
C - I want your take. you are in a different dimension. You see all from another perspective...
V - The Empress... The Empress is bigger than the feminine which puts all these aspects in a structure as do all the cards. You must break out of the structure.
C - Good. This is what I want to do.
V The Empress Mother Nature all that shimmers in the light of the rainbow in glistening rain each drop pregnant with life for the earth The blending of all elements so that spirit may live in human form so unstructured. so know that Yes, unbalanced. Wild, which is why the next card is the Emporer Structure so little control that as you said, Kali-like destruction is possible. think of your great storms, tsunamis. Think of the great wave of the orgasm. Out of control, out of body, yet she is seen in female form.
C - thank you That was very poetic. Thank you for connecting me to my words. you inspire me, bring in the breathe of the creative force which is the Empress. The goddess of writers.

October 13

What is Love? I decided to use the tarot for the big questions. Inspired by Rachel Pollack’s Book the Forest of the Tarot.

WHAT IS LOVE/ ACE OF SWORDS The Thoth deck shows a large swords connecting to a living light. Love is a thought in light, a pure thought like the thought that broke through in the big bang and created matter. A thought that is a conduit of Source from heaven to earth. Human bodies are the conduit. Love is your connection to source through thought.

So why do we take this power of diving thought, this purity of the Ace of Swords and tun it on others in the name of Love, cutting ourselves and others with negativity of love?

Ace of Wands Passion and fire. Pure thought brought to an idea. The thought of love becomes a passion a fire that can turn to obsession. a must have , must do and though it is a fire of creativity, purity, it can burn out of control

How can we take this passion, this obsession, this need for love and to be loved to a level where it truly can uplift us all?

Princess of Wands
We let go of fear. Fear is what turns love to obsession. Keeps us from feeling the joy of love. The Princess of Wands is in the fire, the passion of love she is flying from fear. Looking forward with hope and joy. ONly wanting to express her love.

Ask your own deck these question I would be interested in your comments about what you get, for we all have access to information and our infinite is unique and adds to the whole

so for me using the Thoth deck. Love is a Diving thought that gets turned into a burning idea as it works it way down to Ace of Wands, sometimes an obsession because of the attachment of fear. So the message I have received is that by letting go of the fear of opening to love, I can use love as a connection to source and so all aspects of being.

October 16, 2009

Card of the Day Knight of Words - Thoth Deck

Swiftness of happening. The Great Mind is moving quickly, flying the oceans of the earth. Great waves of the great mind are sweeping through the atmosphere sharply penetrating the essence of the bodies you now inhabit. We are teaching you to fly in your luminescent bodies that aspect of your forgotten, that ability of lighting your and other’s way.. Allow the speed exhilarate in the past rushing past you, of not knowing your future, but only in the moment of excitement and joy.

October 17, 2009
My longtime friend patty’s birthday. So I am choosing a card as a message to her but as we are all connected this card is a message to you all, whomever this reaches.
, Thoth deck - Knight of Pentacles
A time of throwing back the helmet of protection, the beginnings of allowing vulnerability, sorrow has passed there is joy in the future but the moment is decisive. Lay down the weapons and look towards inspiration, sit and look at light, to look past matter, put down the shield to truly allow the creativity of light available to you. You have been armored and in the world. Now is the time to let go of structure. There is guidance available. Allow rest and listen.

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