Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clarity for Jumbled Mess December 2009

Asked for a card to look at today.
Six of Swords in the Thoth Deck. a
What I love most about the tarot is its ability to inspire thought, thought that changes, that moves. I wanted to write something today, so I asked the tarot about my subject of thought for the day and I get the card of clear thinking. I am always thinking that I want clarity not the jumbling ramblings of my monkey mind.. In meditation my mind wanders a lot but at times very clear thoughts come. Conversation on a specific topic. Clear advice and solutions. Conversations with my higher self.

So I ask for the clear message from this card for me today:
"The idea is that your thoughts may appear jumbled yet you must know if you are focused on specific goal or outcome thought will eventually lead you to what you are asking for, that even thought in a jumbled form will create something very substantial. This is the law of attraction. The beauty of seeming fractured thoughts is that all thought eventually manifests. Of course the more aware you are of your thoughts the less surprised you will be about what you manifest." (-:
An impetus to be very aware of what I am thinking about.

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