Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My search for partnership January 7, 2010

So my challenge is to continue on with my quest for relationship despite the fact that all the signs are that it is happening way in the future ( nine of pentacles in my last reading). Though as I always tell my tarot students, as soon as you read for your future there is opportunity to change it. But I also had a reading from my personal tarot reader, who is supremely accurate and she didn’t see anything happening either. Sigh. But then since I have gone online to practice talking to men, I have found that I am not in such a big hurry. Mostly I just want to stick my big toe in and have some fun, the non-sexual type, get some confidence, and have some more fun and maybe make some new friends... As you can see, I am not very clear about what I am doing. so I am challenging myself to draw a card every day about relationship and see what happens. It will also force a regular contribution to this blog.

So today: What is my next action to bring romantic love into my life? using the Lover’s Tarot Illusion or The Moon. Figures. this is an initiation, this is on my path and it’s scary and murky, and I am not sure what I am doing, but I am compelled. Concerning love this card is about illusions, delusions, Intense emotions. This has always been my motis operandis. I see my vision of the person, their potential. I don’t step back and really look at the situation and who they are. So moving slowly and carefully my lack of enthusiasm will work well for me. (-:

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