Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Path of the Evolutionary April 30, 2010

Determined to get an entry in April, I want share the changes I am experiences with how I look at the path of tarot these days.
, I have found a name for what I am doing, a name for the voice within that drives me forward, My Fool: the evolutionary impulse. TaDa!!!! And what the hell does that mean? though many of you may say, “Well, duh!” It’s the Fool that impulsively leaps off the cliff! Pulled by this urge to evolve... But what has happened for me is that I am getting this on a much clearer basis. I have been giving the words I longed for to describe what I believe I truly am: a being on the evolutionary edge of the ever expanding consciousness we call God, Source, the Mystery, the Great Spirit; that you and I are a product of Curiosity, of Will, of Desire, the end product of an awakening of Source long ago, a vast Energy driven to experience on an ever faster, more expansive level ever since the Big Bang. The most amazing aspect of all this is that we are now at the point where many of us have become aware that this is who we are and now realize we can actually steer this energy into a positive direction because we are this energy, as an individual, a tiny speck, but if all the tiny specks awaken to the same idea????
Is this arrogance?? I think not. It would be arrogant to think that we actually were separate from the vast energy surrounding us, arrogant to think we are living a separate life from the rest of the universe and from every living being on earth. One cannot be arrogant and be the evolutionary impulse. Arrogance is only the ego living in fear. When you start to think this big... well I will stop here because... because... I just have to take the time to let this concept pervade my thinking and see what happens.

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