Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tarot for Writers November 13, 2009

Another good reason for blogging . I always know what day it is. Ah, This morning I wanted to draw cards about why I am writing a novel and what is the possible outcome from this exercise with NaNOWriMo and the outcome for my heroine, Karin.

Why? What is the purpose of this exercise for me? King Wands
Makes total sense. The wands are the suit of the writer. Confidence in myself as a writer To really experience writing on a grand scale. Very structured writing even though I feel like I am all over the place.

What can get in the way of my creative muse? Strength
A card of controlling of the beast. Trying to control my own creativity. This is also about perseverance. Just to keep going no matter what schlock I think I am writing. Great information

What will be the outcome? King of Pentacles. Great satisfaction. A resting on some level. A sense of accomplishment Clarity about my own purpose here on Earth

And what about my heroine Karin? 10 of swords. Interesting idea for the book. I kill her off. In other words she ascends from her human body. I had hoped for a more happily after after but as we are immortal the happy ever after is in our immortal bodies of light. At last I am using the tarot for an idea.
I have accomplished my goal for the morning. Thank you, blog.

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