Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Resistance to Light December 3, 2009

I have a new deck. always exciting. I am attracted to the images, the artwork. And this deck, The Alchemical deck which has been around for awhile, attracted me with its simplicity and clear symbolic language. I am eager to delve into it but will need to get the bigger book. The one that came with the deck is thin, but the cards are beautiful. Check out creator, Robert Place. He writes scholarly articles, makes jewelry. A man from the past in our present and future.

I am also working with the Seven Sacred Flames book, Aurelia Jones, channeled masters, saying the prayers, singing them actually, which is a great way to start the day. The only problem I have with this material is that much of its focus is on ascension to the 5th dimension. I rather like it here now that I am living as I want to, so I am resistive to the material but drawn to it .. so I am asking he cards

What do I need to focus on with this material for my highest good? - Cards from the Tarot
The Moon - The initiation. Duh. This is exactly what this book is about. So, I am on track with this book; I need to continue with my practice of these prayers each day.

So I ask: What is my resistance to this material?
Two of Wands - The picture shows a hand with fire connecting with a tree already on fire. I ask about my resistance.
"It’s about your own power getting bigger. You want to stay small, with less responsibility. As long as you are small no one will notice you and then you won’t have to be so transparent. The more people notice you, the more you have to live your beliefs. Walk your talk. There is much of you that does not want to be seen, that wants to hide in darkness, thinks it is unworthy This is about bringing all of you into light. Just think of this work as bringing in more light."

I like this. I continue to find better words for myself. I am not working on ascension, but I am lighting up all aspects of my being. That I can live with.

I asked for one final comment. Two of Cups. Oh, my. Yes it’s about loving myself but it is also my path to finding loving partnership. Yes, and that’s a whole other story.

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