Monday, May 10, 2010

Head in a crystal

Today in meditation I was holding a large, what you might call a geode crystal. It’s like a bowl of crystals. Beautiful and you can use these types with all the points crowded together and turned upward to clean your other crystals or tarot cards.
So I am thinking maybe if it works on crystals it will work on my head, so I put my head down in the crystal. Imagine this woman head in crystal on her lap. Yeah I am way out there. But it worked. No thoughts crowding in. Felt good actually. I will remember this. Try it through out the day when feeling spacey.
I will soon be out of commission for real blogging because I am participating in NaNoWriMo, a world wide frenzy of writing in November. We are all trying to write a novel or more like get 50,000 words down on paper in a semblance of order in one month, no cheating. It’s a challenge and I am using the tarot cards for plot, character, when I get stuck etc. I will report in at times to let the universe know what’s up because I doubt anyone is reading this since I haven't told but a few people that I am even blogging. Hah !

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