Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My own divine partnership January 17, 2010

I had a boost yesterday. Exchanged readings with a friend who verified that yes, there is partnership in my future, in my case a man. I am well aware that my first partnership is with me and that I could also choose a woman, but I am definitely hetero. No doubt some of that may be growing up in a woman/woman partnership which was traumatic in some ways and left me longing for male energy. Whatever our choices there is duality for a reason and we search for that that we are missing, though most often it’s our own selves. So my question for the cards today is about my relationship with myself.

What is my next step for a stronger partnership with my divine, expansive self?
Thoth Deck - Lust card - Strength card in other decks though Crowley numbered it as the more traditional 11 in his deck.
This is also my year card, this reaching for my authentic self. I am well aware that I will not attract the partner I want unless I am able to be consistantly authentic with others. The woman is naked and leans back ecstatically on her beast claiming her light. Wonderful and frightening. My next step is overcoming my fear of the power of my sacred sexuality that encompasses all my divine gifts. To come out, so to speak, and be that intense, dynamic person that I am. Not that I don’t express it now and watch some people delight in me and others back away.
And so be it.

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