Monday, May 10, 2010

Dizzy MOrnings

Waking up two mornings very dizzy. I have had these symptoms before years ago. Assumed flu or ear problems but i think it’s more metaphysical. Asked about it today in meditation. Got that I am leaving my body in my dream state, experimenting and when i wake up I am not all here. Ha. I love these conversation in my head.
I believe myself and then I don’t . There is still a small part of me that thinks I am delusional, not crazy, I function well in this reality but I question my wisdom. Of course that is what this is all about, trust. So far so good. Anyway I like the story, that I am working on expansion of spirit, but just missing the train, so to speak, and am having trouble keeping up with myself. What I do trust, are the cards So I will ask them: Why am I dizzy in the morning?
I go into meditation and I speak to myself. My light being self. I choose four cards. Three are major arcana. Augh Too much. But I will again rely on source for answers.
First card - Temperance
Obvious choice. I am tempering myself, alchemical change. Literally changing on a cellular level. This is a scientific card in that sense.

Second card is the Lovers; Again a combining of polarities. the Lovers is more focused on the bringing together of Masculine and feminine energies. It’s about wholeness, comfort with the male and female, preparing for union

Third card - 7 of swords - futility The futility of the mind to figure all this out. To have it make senses on an intellectual level. It is futile Trust in the way. Trust in self and love is the basis of trust and love is the basis of all, Don’t you agree. I have to say yes.

Last card is the Devil. This card has never come in my readings and now I am seeing it more and more. I take this as a positive. I am stirring things up, breaking the bonds, having loads of fun Admitting my “darkness” embracing my passion and intensity. some may not like it. But if I listen to them I am chained and lost like the people in the balls at the bottom of this giant phallic picture. Life force rises in me and it is love and joy.

So the cards support my theory of the dizziness. Stay tuned for more dizzy adventures as I begin writing my novel with NaNoWriMO with my friends the tarot tomorrow.

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