Monday, May 10, 2010


So today I am sitting and thinking What is my intention here? Why am I blogging? Why have I begun this process of a website? My ego? or To become egoless?. I doubt it. To figure it all out? To have more fun? more happiness?

Voice: No, your intention is to expand. This idea is beyond all labels, all words.

Me: This is helpful. I do get caught up in the words. I judge the words.

V: Yes, judgment is in most of your words. You describe what you see. It’s an interpretation and depending on your language not everyone will agree.

Me: But don’t I judge as to whether you are to be listened to?

V: No, we would say you choose. At at this point you have the choice to expand or not. If you expand you will connect. This is a Universal Law, a given.

Me: A Gift to us.

V: Yes

Me: So I am connecting

V: Yes

Me: Hard time believing.

V: Your choice to resist. But you do not resist much. You are learning to trust, to fall, to fly. We would have you choose a card (tarot) from The Osho Zen. We like these cards.

So my question is about my intention.

The card Totality, 5 of wands. When I open the Osho Tarot book, I open right to the page on Totality. Magical. In traditional tarot , thi is a card of seeming confusion about action but the Osho has the solution. "Get in the moment. Get out of the confusion. Be totally focused on whatever you are doing. Confusion is a choice

I sit again and ask Clearly: What is my intention with this website, with this blogging?

Five of cups: Clinging to the past. So my intention is to let go of my past with this blog. I can get this. Being so out there with what I am doing is definitely letting go of my hiding in traditional places for fear of being ostrosized. (Spelling! haven't figured out spell check with this yet!)

Blogging is an amazing expansion, a throwing down the gauntlet to the self. You can’t go back. Each entry pushes me forward into, I don’t know what. EXPANSION!!!!! Of course. If anyone is reading these entries, you will tire of this word. (-:

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