Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diverging Subjects February 26, 2010

So now I have three subjects going: Calling in the One love; Jan Frazier and just looking at the tarot in as many different ways as possible. So I will attempt to combine all my focuses, foci?
One way I read the cards is by asking what I need to look at today, choosing a card and then going into a meditative mode, putting my hand on the card and see what comes. This is a method I want to practice more as a way to assess my higher wisdom ( Jan Frazier) and learn more about the cards.

Today was the Two of Pentacles: Mythic Tarot
A man holding two large Coins in a pleasant outdoor environment.
I received:”Work or Play? Will there be drudgery or joy? The choice is of the upmost importance because work done in joy creates products and deposits of expanded vibration while work done in drudgery has a heavy vibe bringing everything down. Expanded vibration leads to inspiration Contracted vibration leads to a weakening in the impulse to create and grow.”
How related to my quest for enlightened relationship? I can either dig into my patterns with gratitude for all I have been given and what I am about to receive or I can dig into my old patterns and feel their weight again.
Joy is so much the easier choice these days.

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