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The Great Shift February 6, 2010

After looking at my website, a friend asked, “So, what is the Great Shift?” I thanked him for asking because it forced me to be more consise about what I think is happening. It’s difficult to talk about an energetic shift, but I will try.

Everyone has heard about 2012 and you can go on the net and find thousands of entries about what might happen and why and you can even find some scientific explanation for what will be happening out in space.  I will attempt to interpret the fairly understandable explanation I recently read in the book Earth Changes and 2012.  I will warn you though that this is channeled information but it is the most concise, and yes, scientific and clear explanation I have found.  And since we humans have no way of looking at this from space as do other beings, one has to open to the possibility that we are not alone and there might be intelligence out there in what has been shown to be infinite space. There are also some human explanations coming from eminent physicists.
OK, explanation:
There are several activities going on at this point, that scientists are aware of. First, is the Precessional Alignment which occurs approximately every 25,960 years.  This is when the solar system passes through “a region of scalar electromagnetic impulses”, which may cause the earth to tip its axis at a certain angle, polar shifts, affecting our ley lines and who knows what else (see website below for a great explanation of scalar energy). We are already swimming in this energy, but my understanding is that this will be increased so giving us all an opportunity for a quantum leap.
Here is a great video explaining this amazing energy in a way that I almost understand and also explains how we may be affected by these shifts in Earth energy. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7xsqg_scalarenergy-in-healing-from-the-he_tech 
These quasars will be emanating energy aligned with the poles of the Earth around December 20-22, 2012
What is even more significant is the Galactic Shift which involves the entire solar system.  This is when our solar system aligns with the black hole in the center of the Milky Way which some say is actually a parallel universe. We in our little solar system are spinning along the outer spiral arm of our galaxy and once every 216 million years our solar system makes a complete Galactic Cycle.  The Galactic Shift occurs twice during every Galactic Cycle as we come in direct contact with the energy emanating from this black hole. We pass through these emanations from the center of the galaxy twice with each revolution, once every 108 million years. Our scientists call this band of energy, of gamma rays and x-rays, a “photon belt “or the “electromagnetic null zone” This beam of energy lasts about 150 years as we come in contact and then move away, so we are in very close contact for  20 years.  So this most recent contact has been going on since about 1950 and will continue through 2100, but right now is an increase in intensity.  The coinciding of these two energies, the Precessional Alignment of 26,000 years and the Galactic Shift at 108 million years will be at their peak around the Solstice of 2012 for the first time in I don’t know how many zillion years, if ever. This culmination of energy has the possibility of bringing terrific change on Earth. 
For the metaphysician this is the time of opportunity for the Earth’s ascendance and soul evolution. It’s about waking up to the fact that we are beings of light contracted into human bodies, that our ego’s view of the world is only one reality, that since the Earth, as a sentient being, is evolving the people on her surface are being pushed to do the same, hence the proliferation of doomsayers and spiritual seekers, people who are being called to clear and clean their bodies, houses, relationships, and minds  to be able to survive the shift with the Earth. 
You can see this shift beginning in the 50s with our popular culture, through the 60’s up to now, in the crumbling of the economic system, school system and the rise of the Internet and the idea that we are all connected, we are all one.  You can also see the change happening even earlier in the 1800s with the transcendentalists, the rise of the occult.  But now it is accelerating and we all are feeling it and reacting in different ways with physical or mental disturbances or a sudden choice to radically change our lives. The problem of understanding for many is that metaphysicians interpret scientific information on a different level.  If you go on the Web you will find many fascinating articles from very sane people talking about what seems, to those in the third dimension, to be purely delusional. This is due partly to the fact that science is still living in the 18th century and because of the phenomenon that we tend to believe only what is familiar.  For example, the natives not seeing Columbus ’s big ships off shore because it was not in their experience or beliefs.  If you do not believe in the possibilities of there being something beyond what is tangible than you will never “see” an ET or believe the visions, or believe that you can awaken to a different world.
Whatever you do believe in: Global warming or Earth ascendance, something very big is coming and we will all be forced to make big “shifts” in how we live and view the world.
This is a very simplistic answer and I welcome your questions or anything you might find in your research into the science.  I am in this transition myself, and I am finding a community of very sane people who feel the same.  Everyone who comes to my classes is feeling this need to move beyond the norm, open up to what cannot be seen but felt on an enormous level.
As I continue to read and research and live my other dimensional life, I will revise or add to this explanation.

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