Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the Lovers November 23, 2009

My focus these days is the Lovers card. I am teaching this card with the sixes in my tarot class, and I seem to now be living this card. Sex, tantric sex, figures prominently in the NaNo novel I am writing and I have signed up for a class called “Calling in the One”. It seems that when I work through the deck in focused manner that my life parallels the card I am working on. This time through it is in my face. So now the Lovers card has become huge all of a sudden. One of my characters in my novel, I just realized is working on the basics of this card which is the idea that we are male add female in one body but separated. Until this character was four years old, he was a girl. Then,(it’s a long story) his etheric body, soul was moved to a living female girl body. Now as a teen he is dealing with the part of him that has been repressed , the soul of his feminine. I believe we were all once one, hermaphroditic, but with the “fall” and by choice we decided to experiment and see how it worked separating into male and female. Well, the jury is out on that one. It’s wonderful being female and having that zing when connecting to a male type but the constant tension apparent in any relationship between the feminine and the masculine is getting a little old. It’s time for a real connection and appreciation of both aspects within and without. This is what the course I will begin in January is about and I am stoked. I had really gotten to the point where I was very happy without a man in my life. In fact, I had come to the point where I knew I could be happy alone with out a male partner for the rest of my life, but as I study the Lovers, and read my required text for this class, I am realizing I can have both my spiritual self and a mate, that that is the point, to reconnect to all of me. I have always known there is tremendous growth in relationships, it’s just that is was always so painful. I am seeing how I can choose growth with another and it does not have to hurt. My choice. This will b a whole other blog. Gotta go,go,go.

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