Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Group Dynamics November 16, 2009

Sitting in meditation this morning I asked about a singing group I am involved with. I am struggling with the group dynamic. How to enjoy everyone and the process and not get frustrated when it’s not going the way I want. Also I am more and more aware of the struggles going on with the participants and their own judgments of me and I am sure, of themselves. I have always been aware of others' judgment, but it was clouded with my own judgment of myself. This awareness and clearing of my own critic puts a new perspective on it all. At times I feel way out there, like they must think I am crazy or God, she’s obnoxious but I am persevering with just being me, but being me with joy and working hard on clearing judgment of me or them. OPPORTUNITY!
So my guidance suggested that I do a reading A card for each person and then from another deck a companion card looking at the deeper dynamic this person is dealing with in this group. It was very enlightening and I will share some of it with you tomorrow for I have run out of time. I am saving my time for NANO! AUgh!!!!

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