Monday, May 10, 2010

NaNoWriMo November 2009

If you have never heard of this acronym then google it right now. This is a very cool happening. thousands of people all over the world writing fiction together for one month. Honor system. 50,000 words by November 30 midnight. I have been asking myself why am I doing this?

At first it was because I stumbled on a group Tarot for Writers who were doing this using the tarot as inspiration and using Corinne Kenner’s wonderful book Tarot for Writers. Check it out on Amazon. Anyway I thought, I like to write, I now have the time. It would be good for my chops and I want to see how the tarot fits it and check out this group. Many good reasons. By the way, wonderful group. Great tips from Corinne. Very inspiring as a writer and tarot reader.
But now as I have begun my very convoluted fantasy novel I realize this is practice in accessing my imagination, my right brain, that part of me that reads the cards and hears the story that is connected to me or my client. So it’s like boot camp for training the right brain while the left brain strains to find the words and type as fast as possible. My struggle is accessing the correct word fast enough because when you are writing a couple of thousand words a day, there is little time for spell check or a thesaurus or for even thinking much about it. Right now my characters are beginning to write it for me and i am off on an adventure. I can’t wait to see what happens next! (-:
But i have to ask the cards.

Why NaNo and how will this enhance my life right now? And some advice for the next phase.
I am using the Thoth deck
Why NaNo? The Magician So perfect. To hone my communication skills. Fiction writing - Ideas - Communicating with spirit for inspiration - trust in what I am getting and putting down on paper and on and on. This will enhance my skills as a communicator.

Lots of enhancement already but I will ask. What else besides communication and magic can I access with this project? Adjustment (or Justice in other decks) A wonderful card of Justice on a tightrope incredibly focused card Discipline. To write everyday. To organize myself so I can write everyday. this is one reason I have stayed away from the idea of considering myself a writer, the discipline of writing.

Finally, advice for my next chapter Empress and the Magician. Great!!! Allow it to come to me as an Empress allows all abundance and love to come to her. She is all abundance and love. and Just keep accessing ideas. Keep bringing it through.
This blog is also a discipline. Bringing ideas forth, taking the time to organize, sort of, (-: and finally write it down. Structured inspiration.

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