Saturday, May 8, 2010

January 2010

Wow ONE OF MY GREATEST CHALLENGES THESE DAYS IS TECHNOLOGY. I BOUGHT MYSELF A MAC. I WILL BLAME IT ON GUIDANCE, SO EVEN THOUGH I CAN BARELY FUNCTION, ON MY PC, I AM NOW LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE WITH THIS NEW MACHINE AND THEN I AM TRYING TO CREATE A WEBSITE!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING? And why is this all in capitals??? I hope you are laughing because it is so laughable So now I have all these fonts and who knows why it is all in capitals. Ah I seem to have fixed it...

So reading for the day. What is it with me and technology? Why do I find it so difficult? I am going to meditate awhile and will come back to this.

So duh. The internet is a metaphor, a physical incarnation of source. Here we all are expressing ourselves to ourselves and anyone else who cares to listen and read. All knowledge and ideas are being put on the web; we are coming together as a world on the web . No truth goes unnoticed , no good or bad is not video photographed and uploaded and I, who have asked for expansion, complain about the difficulty of my mac and technology in general when all the universe is doing is delivering what I asked for. I get it!! I want to shout it Need to get back those shouting capitals that I couldn't get rid of a minute ago. Ha! I love it!!

So let's see what the cards say. Using Osho Zen Deck

Question: Why do I struggle so with technology?’
The Rebel or the Emperor in other decks

Spirit: Carolyn, you have always been a rebel, always on the fringe as you say, alone, isolated, not getting how to fit in, conform. You have learned as you matured who you are still strafes under rules and structure. Technology is very left brained, based mathematically and you resist this method. You chose a MAC hearing it is more intuitive but because you have figured out the PC Mac is not another language for you but still based on the mathematical equation. There is a process of surrender for you. Remember the purpose of contrast for expansion. The internet will cause to to continue your expansion, as it is speeding up the process for everyone.

How can I grasp it more. I feel like am inferior in some way.
What to keep in mind?
Friendliness - Two trees connecting. Two of cups
See this technology as Source in machine , as friendly, a place I can share my heart. Make friends with it. Duh. I always get the obvious answer. But when I am in resistance...

I will ask for a final word from source about me and computer technology. My website in particular.
Oh, my. Trust A woman is flying!! This is wonderful. I am going to copy this card. for this is my life right now. Free falling in grace. Turning in the love of the universe

Spirit: Carolyn! You are so loved. Open your arms to this opportunity of expression. You the writer, creative compassionate soul who want to give and share and serve. Here is an open forum to reach those who you are meants to reach. There is room for all. Trust that you do have a unique message that needs to be heard. You are correct. Trying to figure this out logically is not for you. You need to feel your way through this. Trust!!

Thank you!!


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