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Group Dynamics continue November 17, 2009

Continued from November 16 The main issue with group dynamics that I got with this reading was that I was still judging, less than I used to, but I wasn’t truly standing back, listening, observing to see what was really going on with each person.
By using two decks I really got a more rounded view of the issue. Asking about the dynamic with the group and then the deeper personal dynamic. I then thought about what I could do with this information

As I chose cards I found myself going for the hidden cards, the ones beneath my first choice. so here are the members of my singing group. I have left out the details but you get some idea of the personalities and dynamics from these cards
#1 10 of pentacles- Feeling weight of responsibility
deeper dynamic - Three of swords
Message to me? Be aware of this dynamic and continue to take more responsibility for the group and have more compassion.
#2 - Strength card dynamic energy at bay.
Deeper dynamic - The Lovers -
Message for me? I can encourage his great energy.
#3- Prince/Knight of Wands - creativity in action.
Deeper dynamic - Knight of cups -
Message for me? I can appreciate his galloping creativity and be patient. He will come through.
#4 -Two of pentacles Looking for balance
Deeper dynamic nine of wands
I can appreciate her balancing act and work on staying balanced myself, so as to not upset her cart, so to speak.
#5 The Fool
7 of pentacles - fingers to worry about. Our accompanist
#6 Me The High Priest or Hierophant - A driving force, a leader Bring in expansive ideas strong willed Think I am in the right. I know what we should be doing to be a truly dynamic group
Deeper dynamic - 8 of pentacles Prudence I think like the Hierophant but I am being very careful. Not showing my strength for fear of being whacked. The old dynamic for me. This is the great challenge. Working hard t0 create something worthwhile without being a real pain, but still being myself

Question: What do I need to keep in mind to truly enjoy myself and How can I bring my leadership forth in a manner that brings us together?
10 of swords - Need to enjoy myself I need to stay out of my head. It ruins the experience for me. Kills the heart.
Knight of swords - Need to just lead, need to go forth with my ideas. Put them out there Fly with them
One last card -Message from the universe. Queen of Swords. Be honest, dont’ pretend, put it out there, be clear and vulnerable. Lots to think about.

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