Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am back november 30, 2009

I am back! I finished my “novel” and have released my writing energies again and imagination. I have new respect for those who write fiction for a living. NaNoWriMo was a good experience, I have ideas for writing for the rest of my life.:-) and an outline for a novel of ascension. This word of the day with metaphysicians is overused but I have to admit, I am very intrigued by it and I am using the idea of moving more into my light body, more into my joy as my focus in meditation and whenever I am conscious enough in my daily activities. The 5th dimension is here with us, activating on many levels including the tarot. Everything is evolving, and I find myself looking for decks that can express the vibration we are moving into. The Fifth Element Tarot deck is definitely fifth dimensional and looks at all the traditional tarot ideas in a very positive manner. The images are not my favorite but the inspiration and the infusion of spirit in these cards in right on target for bringing the world into the new age.

I asked for a card for today from the Fifth Element deck Eight of Feathers (Swords). A lighter version of air symbolism. As with any new deck I always think back to the template for most decks the Waite/ Smith deck. Traditionally this card shows a woman tied up, unable to move, surrounded by the swords of her thoughts. In the Fifth Element a picture of a bird and the word Focus. Thinking on it I found the idea of focus connects well to the traditional. When our minds threaten to paralyze us, it’s time to focus, to sit in stillness. We are bombarded with words, opinions, news and ideas to the point where it is hard to hear our own guidance about the decisions we must make whether it’s the incredibly important ones or the minor day to day. The message for me is when you are feeling cramped, it is time to sit and expand.

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