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Ace of Wands from TarotWise

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My latest TarotWise column for Isis Scrolls
In my last three columns I have been focusing on the elements of the suits of the Tarot Earth/Pentacles, Water/Cups and Air/Swords, in no particular order. But, I did leave the greatest element force for last, that which brings all of the cosmos, as we know it, to life, the element of Fire or suit of Wands.  Divine Consciousness, the Spark of life, the Divine Will to be and create, the word of God, the idea of the words, “Let there be light and out of the fiery darkness came life,” all are used to describe the element of Fire. In the tradition of the esoteric Tarot, the element Fire, in the form of the Ace of Wands, is that which sparks the beginning of our existence with a big-bang-Desire-to-BE!  In this tradition the Ace of Wands precedes even the Fool, for it is this desire to evolve which brings forth the potential of this journey of being human.
The fiery wands are the life force that infuses us with wanting, with the need to create and evolve and become and grow.  This is the energy that brings sudden insight, that pushes us further than we thought we could go, that enables us to hold on when we want to drop off.  This is the masculine aspect of directed energy, for the Wands, like the suit of Swords, must be held and directed.  This is the sacred universal semen that shoots forth with pure desire for existence and must be contained in the feminine womb of the suit of Cups. Here in the womb of the feminine, this fiery inspiration gestates and the idea, the plan is born.  Then, with the Swords, the Knowing of the intellect, we find words to describe what we want to create which then enables us to manifest and finally see our idea come into reality in the Pentacles. 
Always of made of wood with the possibility of bursting into flame, wands were originally polo sticks on the first playing cards, then evolved into cudgels or staffs of office, but when the Golden Dawn recreated the Tarot they turned these rods or staffs into Magician wands, Creator wands that Will us into being, that point and direct the energy of Divine Will.  And so the question is always: Where will we direct this fiery, passionate desire to create?  When you receive the gift of the Ace of Wands, what does this mean?  All possibility lies here.  The whole tarot deck of possibilities is in this one card.  Here is the illumination that you truly can create anything you want if you can reach through the limitation of your mind to the unlimited Divine Mind.  This is the searing strength of partnering with Divine Consciousness to create on a very large scale.  With the Waite Smith Ace of Wands, (image at beginning of article) we see sprouting leaves of growth, of possibility.  It looks benign, but be aware of what you are truly receiving and look to the Thoth Ace of Wands, (image just above).  For when you open to this divine fire you are giving over to a Will much greater that your small ego wants and desires.  You are surrendering to your greater purpose.
So how can you use this fiery gift of the Cosmos’s passionate Will to create good in the world?
Reading  for You to receive the Ace of Wands.
1.     A card for you in this moment ready to be set on fire.

2.     Cross card #1 with a card for the Divine fiery Will in your life right now, the life force that wants to come forth.
Read these first two cards together.  What does Cosmic Will look like in your world?
3.     Then, draw a card asking the question: How are you resisting this Divine vision of possibility?

4.     Last draw a card asking: How to receive this fiery message, how to surrender to this higher Will without getting burned? 

Enjoy and as always if you have questions about the article or reading, do not hesitate to contact me.

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