Friday, March 30, 2012

Message for New Moon of March 2012

This month we are invited to move beyond our boundaries

We would speak to you of the opening in your heart, of the opening in the heavens for the light to stream though.
We would ask you to be aware of the opening up of the top of your head to receive the light, to be a conduit or light.
We ask that you begin to believe that you are beyond mortality. That you have a body of light, that you are more than flesh.
We ask that you stop being in denial of your feelings, of what you know, of your truth.
We ask that you stop playing the game by the rules of what you perceive society or
your culture has handed out.
We ask that you look beyond your fences to the wide open spaces before you.
We ask you to imagine a new world in these wide open spaces.
We ask you to think beyond your imagined boundaries to what is possible, to open your eyes and see the truth of what is going on in your government, your community, your family and within your own soul.

It is time to step up to the plate of the new arena of possibility, much
larger and more expansive than you have allowed. We ask you to break your own rules, not so that any one is hurt but so that you can begin to free each other from the bonds of your own perceptions. It is time. No more, Oh, I will just wait and see. You are the movers and shakers of your world. Do not wait for others to shape it for you. Step up. Step out. Do not allow your fear to be an excuse for not imagining the best possible outcome. If anything is waiting to be done, do it. If anyone is waiting to hear your truth, speak it. If anything awaits your permission, give it. If anything beckons you to your joy, go there. Begin to live fully. Now.

We speak with great urgency, with great love, with great expectation for what you
can all create when your minds are of one accord. Envision. Be with others of
vision. Talk and plan and ask for the highest good for all. Do not be afraid of
stepping forth on a new path.

We are not the Masters. You are.

Reading for the New Moon of March 2012

Tarot Reading for the New Moon of March 2012

1. A card to signify us all, here behind our fence.

2. A card for our cultural, societal fence.

3. A card asking: How to move through our barriers,
our fences to our truth?

4. A card asking: What is going on that we are not seeing?

5. A card for what we can do about it when we see it.

6. A card asking: What is this vision that we as
a community need to hold?

Using the Thoth Deck

Cards One and Two

I first looked at us behind our fence. Five of Wands standing behind a
fence of the Ace of Cups. The five of wands is about conflict of
wills. We have these individual wills who want to go off and do their own
thing. And we are also aware of the prime Will that drives us all, the prime
directive pushing us to a higher level of being. Our conscience, so to speak. We
are resisting this push and we see our fence as the Ace of Cups. We can’t go further, expand because of this great gift of Divine Love. What are we afraid of? vulnerability of the open heart? The joy of receiving Divine Love? Or is it the idea that our story of suffering and pain would have to change if our only obstacle to a happy life was our fear of opening to Love?

Card Three
How to move through our seeming barriers, our
fences to our truth? Queen of Swords

In the Thoth deck she has taken off her mask and sits open-chested, tuned into her higher angelic self, with her sword of truth, accepting nothing but the truth. Yes, it’s time to take off the persona and accept that Ace of Cups.

Card Four
So, what is going on that we are not seeing?
Nine of Wands

We are not seeing that there is so much more to us. The Nine of wands in the Thoth shows the path from the Moon, our unconscious astral Self, to the Sun, our higher consciousness. It is time to wake up. It is time to know that we are more than we think, that we have a higher wisdom
to tap in to.

Card Five Two cards revealed themselves
And what can we do when we wake up to our higher Self?

Eight of Pentacles and the Four of Swords.
We can then begin to build and grow our new earth with great prudence
and love while our busy minds are quiet and focused on a higher vision.

Card Six
And what is this vision that we as a community
need to hold? The Emperor

Whose passionate desire for his Empress takes that wild natural creative force and births it into reality. This card shows a vision of US as the great manifesters of a higher vision. That WE are the leaders to help all to a greater prosperity, that WE have the ability to plan for the best possible outcome for all.

To summarize it seems we feel the call but resist opening our hearts, for fear of the vulnerability. We are being asked to take off our masks and move out a beyond our egoic unconsciousness to our higher consciousness so that we may begin to envision and nurture a world that works for everyone. We are literally being asked to lead, to take charge of this expedition into uncharted territory.

Now it’s your turn. Do this reading for yourself to see
what is asked of you as an individual within the whole.

comments or questions, welcomed

Carolyn Ayres

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