Monday, January 23, 2012

Tribal Message for New Moon January 2012

As I sat for this message I asked: What needs to be heard? Seen? Felt by the Tribe?

We have been seeing you and feeling you for many eons but we have not heard from you as much. What we mean by hearing you is: What do you want to manifest, more significantly, what do you as a people want to create on this planet you call Earth? For whatever you ask for yourself, you ask for everyone. Your desire is the desire of all and you are its unique expression."

So how can you hear us?

"Through prayer, through your inner thinking and yes, you can shout what you want, sometimes saying it out loud, writing about it. But what we hear is beyond the words. We hear your intention. We hear your motivation. We hear the feeling behind the words, so it is very important that you are clear in your desires, that you are in your truth about your motivations or you may receive something you think you did not ask for. Receiving the unexpected comes from unconscious motivations, a lack of a conscious inner life, a lack of consciousness of your thoughts. So if you want the Universal energies to hear you, it is time to cultivate a practice of going within and listening to yourself, your thoughts, your desires so you are clear what you are asking for. It is time to go within and imagine what you want for you and yours and so all of human kind. It is time to imagine that you can actually call your life into being.
A practice of carefully listening to yourself will illuminate what is truly wanted, will illuminate your higher longings that will benefit all. The heavens await your call. We are your servants of Will but it is Your Will. You, all of you, decide which way this creative energy will turn. We will not say what we hope you will ask for. We have hopes too, but we cannot interfere with this process. You are the masters. You decide. You are the manifesters on Earth. You have the bodies, the minds, the hands that can create heaven on earth. Call upon us that we may help in this process. Imagine us. See that more than the physical exists. Know what has always been there. Allow your sense of being more. Allow your power to bring what you desire into being.
We stand waiting to hear your requests. We stand waiting to “see” your dream. We stand waiting to co-create with you."

Reading for the Tribe for the New Moon January 2012
As I was starting to create this spread, I needed to clear some space and I uncovered a spread I had created for a group recently which really seemed to resonate with this message from the cosmos. You can do this spread for yourself personally by just substituting “me” for “us”. Notice how the cards are arranged.

Card #2
The Creator’s or our Higher Selves’ vision for us at this point

Card #5

Card #4
These three cards are about what is needed from all us to create the
highest vision for all on Earth.

Card #3

Card #1
Us at the present moment. Our highest vision at this point for ourselves and the Earth.
What we all hope to manifest.

I first chose cards 1 and 2 and turned them over.

Card #1 The Chariot- This is a card about our strong Will to go out and fulfill our purpose here. In the Thoth deck an armored masculine holds the Wheel of Fortune in his hands as he sits in meditation willing himself forward. We want to create; we want to come into our highest purpose but we are still sitting on our hands.

Card #2 Queen of Wands In the Thoth deck this is a fiery, almost overwhelming vision of a huge, powerful Queen, one hand on a cheetah, her integration of her animal body and the other hand holds a staff with a pinecone on the end signifying the pineal gland, where we have direct contact with cosmic consciousness, our third eye.
The difference between these two is the Chariot is about purpose in the physical world while the Queen of Wands is purpose as a spiritual being. The Chariot wants to evolve while the Queen of Wands has already taken the action of opening to her cosmic, large Self and the tremendous creative power that comes with this. So Our higher Selves are asking us to rise to the occasion to move our Will into Active Desire, to let down the armor of the safety of the physical and open up the spiritual realm of fiery Desire to evolve.

I then drew the next three cards about what is needed to be able to grow into our greatness of spirit. How to move from the armored Chariot to the empowerment of the Queen of Wands

Card #3 Prince of Cups – Who literally dives into his feeling world

Card #4 Five of Wands – the struggle that we all have to reveal ourselves to move out from under conformity when asked to be authentic

Card #5 The Empress – the feminine principle of creative growth, nurturance, love, aspect of us who is pregnant with the possibility of all we are.

So we are being asked to dive deep into our watery, inner world, our dark places of strong feelings and desires. Prince of Cups We are being asked to explore with an open and integrating mind so that we may emerge strong enough to overcome the centrifugal force of our culture Five of Wands and move into the feminine imagining of a planet of great beauty with enough love for all, where everyone can share in the wealth abundance of Mother Gaia, (The Empress) so we can emerge as our glorious Selves. (Queen of Wands). The images of the Thoth show moving from a contracted armored masculine moving through water and fire into the depths of the feminine for an integration of the fiery, creative Masculine with the fiery, creative Feminine. The path is feminine but the end is integration. And this is the kind of energy needed for ourselves and our planet’s survival.
As always I welcome questions and comments

Happy Lunar New Year


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