Friday, July 1, 2011

July Tribal Message

July 1, 2011

These messages are my own search for a higher knowing and connection. Here is a transcript for the New Moon of July.

We are Here.


We are here to speak about the beginning.

The beginning?

The beginning of the end of the known world.

And what does this mean?

It means you are evolving beyond your known.

Yes. I realize this. Do you have message for my tribe?

We ask you to begin to speak of your sorrow and your joy. It is time to release all within you all that has been pushed to the side, forgotten, released but not truly released, forgiven but still not forgiven. It is time to let go of old ways of being, of knowing, of communicating. Time to release the power within that truly knows.
When you say I don’t know how I feel. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to think. This is a falsehood. You do know. You understand but fear letting yourself truly know. The fear binds you to the old way of thinking about yourself and your circumstances If you can just let go Let go of the control of feelings , let go of controlled knowing, control of what others are doing, of what you think is happening in your world, you can begin to see the truth of the situation.
The truth is what brings the new earth, the new way of seeing and being for all
You who listen will lead the way. You who dare to take a stand for justice and truth, who dare to question the old hierarchies of power, who point out the flaws, you shall show the way for others too timid to allow themselves to know. Tear away the veil, allow yourselves to truly see, to feel the Earth as she writhes in her birthing process. It may feel painful. It may feel as though you will not survive her process but please, release, sit, listen and know the rightness of it all. We trust in your process, please trust in ours. The Masters.

Reading for the Tribe New Moon July 1, 2011
Using the Thoth deck

Where are we at this point? 9 of pentacles Gain
We are reveling in our existence in matter. Thinking of what we can have or gain. Though some may not feel it at this time, we are incredibly abundant in our material wealth. Enmeshed in the illusion.

What is being asked of us at this time? What is the theme of this new moon?
7 of pentacles Success unfulfilled
We are being asked to see the failure of material wanting. We are being asked to see how we are never satisfied, that there is never enough because we are looking in the wrong place for our sense of abundance. That fulfillment is not found in the material.

What is limiting us at this time? Five of cups Disappointment
Again we are only seeing what we lack; that which we have lost; that which we think we need. So we not able to feed ourselves with what is available within ourselves. We have a sense of disappointment in ourselves, others, the world our leaders.. it goes on and on.

How to dig ourselves out of this malaise and evolve with the planetary push?
Queen of Wands
Begin to get very comfortable with volatility, movement, Begin to tap into our creative answers to our seeming problems, to get excited instead of being in fear This queen is very comfortable sitting in the fire, in the hot seat. Change does not frighten her it only strengthens. She says, “Bring it on.”

Advice for us all in the coming month 10 of wands
You may feel oppressed by all that going on in your life right now. A sense of toooo much. Be aware that the sense of too much is because of our own self repression. It’s time to release and this month may see a build up of pent up energy that will need to be released. Be aware of this and let off steam a little at a time so you do not literally explode. Expand to contain the enormous amounts of light coming to the planet . Get bigger.

IN summary: In the midst of plenty, we tend to only see what is lacking and so are out of touch with our fertile imaginations. We need to infuse ourselves with our passion and determination to overcome the natural repression of societal and human fears. There is a huge amount of creative cosmic energy available to us at this time. Stop a moment every day and tap into it. Let it begin to feed your joy.

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