Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reading 2011

Greetings to the Tribe

I call you a Tribe because souls travel in large groups and whether we are aware of this or not, we are drawn to people and situations who vibrate on a kinship level, who are all facing the same direction. So…

Because we are all interconnected, because there is a tie between our hearts in our longing for Source connection, because you would all will a better world, because within you is this urge to grow, to become more of who you are… And for my own transformation and my will to open up to higher frequencies, I will be intermittedly sending a channel and reading for those on my tarot reading list. There is no button to subscribe or unsubscribe; you can always opt out with an email to me. I welcome comments, questions, responses, dialogue about whatever comes forth. This is an experiment for me and I appreciate you all being here as witnesses.

Reading for our Tribe for the year 2011 Using the Thoth deck

Significator: (Meaning the issue at hand) Seven of Swords The deceit of the mind.

This next year will be about the breakdown of the mind view, that is, the illusions, lies, fog that we have allowed to envelope us so as to not know the truth of the meaning of our existence. The deceit is about how fear, anxiety, self-degeneration keeps us from the truth of what we truly desire

Drawing a card from the Major Arcana – In the tarot the Majors are portals to higher consciousness, archetypes of our greater selves.

Question: What opportunity for growth will be offered to us as a whole and as individuals?

The Death card

And so what is Death in the midst of life? A falling away of the old, a clearing away for new growth, a surrender to what is, an allowing of expansion as we shed an old skin. When we fear Death, what do we fear? The unknown? Loss of control? If life is about control then where is the joy of discovery, of adventure, of possibility? This may be a year you will experience job loss or major changes, family members may be leaving, friendships falling away, anything that is not conducive to your growth will die away. Open to the opportunity of growth and transformation by welcoming Death into your life. Now, what is there to fear?

Question: What will this opportunity of Death feel like in the 3rd dimension of our personality, ego?

Two of Wands Dominion. Warring energies. The duality of energy will open a door unseen before. A possibility for the entrance of energy you did not know existed. As you struggle against change, against loss, know that when you surrender to the process, the energy ignited will be tremendous.

Choosing from the Court cards only. These are cards of personalities that represent specific energies, attitudes and viewpoints.

Question: How can we expand into the opportunity that Death brings and move beyond the struggle? Queen of Pentacles

The power of the feminine resting on the earthly plane. She rides change as though surfing an earthquake: totally present in her body, focused on the moment. No regrets for what has been, her intensity of presence is relaxed, with great appreciation for all she has in this human experience This is a card of holding the energy of gratitude.

Question: Advice from the cosmos for us all from our united being.

Six of wands. Victory Balance of creative energy. When the masculine and, the feminine; the male and the female; the parent and the child walk hand in hand, loving one another, respecting the individual, knowing you are one in the heart of the cosmos, nothing can harm you. Smile at each other, link arms and dance forward into your unknown future with the intention of unity, allowing the victory of the loving human spirit.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. - Joseph Campbell

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